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Comrade Stupid’s Biker Gang!

This is what Prznint Stupid’s Stupidest Lawyer (Sorry Rudy!™) Michael Cohen meant when he said that Comrade Stupid talks in code. This isn’t a direct threat, but it is an implied one.

Now, of course, the Mouthbreathers of Wingnuttia (sounds like a Star Trek TOS episode title!) all think of themselves at tough hombres, packing heat and what not, but they also are looking for places where no one will pick on them for their MAGA accoutrements, so really hard to assess if this is a threat or a wish.

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9 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. 9thousandfeet says:

    He’s not talking to Possum Holler with that shit. The key is the “supporters in the military and police” line—there are a hell of a lot of them and he knows it.
    We know it too, unless we think it’s Dem voting cops who are videotaped damn near every day abusing, even killing, black people who have sometimes actually called them for help. And of course stories about cops picking on Antifa demonstrators and giving friendly advice to the Nazis are plentiful too.
    The levels of vicious christo-fascist sentiment in the Air Force Academy here in Colorado is legendary and if you know anyone in the Army or Marines well enough to have a forthright conversation about the levels of reflexive hostility toward leftist scum in the ranks, you should do exactly that.

    This guy is not going to go down without deploying every scrap of power available to him, and pulling every sleazy trick he can think of. I still don’t think the Dems have a clear take on what they’re dealing with here. They’re conducting themselves as if he’s a political problem and the solution is to persuade voters to reject him, and once that happens, he’ll be history. But he’s not a political problem, he’s an authoritarian leader of a cult which has captured the hearts and minds of 40% of the electorate and persuaded them of their victimhood, and neither he nor they have a scrap of respect for the legal and political framework that his opposition is operating within.

    You don’t get to solve a problem like that with lawsuits and by casting a vote every couple of years. Americans are in for a rude awakening, I fear.

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    • Redhand says:

      I agree. Cohen spoke the truth when he said Trump would never accept a peaceful transfer of power.

      Here I think he’s got the wind up because the Senate rebuked his “build-the-wall-national-emergency” bullshit. He’s showing his true colors here. However, I think he’d be taken out by force if he ever tried to stage a coup.

      As for the AF Academy, every single individual serving there needs to be transferred out, and never given an opportunity to participate in “Air Force education” again. The place needs the equivalent of a neutron bomb dropped on it to eradicate the Christo-fascist culture there completely. If that isn’t enough, because “the stones remember,” the place should be razed

      and an entirely new “academy” built elsewhere, say Massachusetts.

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      • ming says:

        Moved for sure. Colorado Springs is the christo-fascist sphincter of Colorado. I never miss a chance to flip off Dobson and his crew and tell them to focus on their own fucking family.


  2. Nangleator says:

    Shithole has always acted as though his whims voiced in rallies had the force of law, or would instantly be acted upon by his flying monkeys. Hoping this is just his last feeble flailing.


  3. Jim says:

    Trump has disrespected the American military so many times from his 5 times bone spur deferral to his abuse of the VA funding (and his obvious treason) that there’s no way the US military would ever support a coup. Also, it’s not in their culture. Police departments are a different issue. They are a serious problem but not a threat to the Constitution.


  4. I know bikers, both 1 Percenters and weekend warriors, and will say that hardly any of them would lift a finger on Trump’s behalf, except for the ones who are more in the fascist Iron Cross side of things. Most bikers, having grown from the dispossessed returning from Vietnam and Korea, count many Hispanic and AA members. Hell, every year we get about 100,000 bikers descending on Milwaukee to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land for HarleyFest. It’s the most peaceful festival of the year.

    But yeah, the fascists populating the military and the police, that’s a different issue. We can hope that military discipline prevents full on coup, but the cops, yeah, they would love to shoot a bunch of liberal gay snowflakes…..

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  5. MDavis says:

    Twitter response is interesting. Do they curate what you see? I am seeing unanimous “This bullshit has to be stopped” tweets. One even said, OK, so we’re tweeting, but we have to do more, don’t we?
    Oh, and there was a comment that labeled Sarah “HuckaBS”, which I guess is at the same level of “so we’re calling names but what else should we be doing?”


  6. Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

    This could have been a scene from “The Mouthbreathers of Wingnuttia”. 😉


  7. rsginsf says:

    He’s clearly laying the groundwork for a coup in 2020. I firmly believe this. He’s too stupid to actually pull it off by himself, but he’s smart enough to play the strongman hate-mongering frontman while the smarter people in his administration make it happen. I know the general consensus is that everybody in the White House is a dumb idiot, but it’s not true: there are evil, clever people backing up this president* (I’m looking esp. at Stephen Miller, who seriously lacks social and interviewing skills but, like Himmler, has a strategic Evil Plan) and they are working hard for 2020. We ignore this emerging thread of craziness at our peril.


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