2020 Presidential Elections, NO more zealots, NO more extremists

[Ed. – Katie Schwartz begins our day with her take on 2020, and no! She does not sugarcoat it! Officially MPS is not taking a stand on any candidate in the 2020 Goat Rodeo (except Howard Schultz—fuck that guy!—and Prznint Stupid). Her opinions are her own. Rgds, TG]

Let me begin by saying, this is how I feel about the elections:

noose balloon 


We need Joe Biden to run and win. Biden is a policy wonk. His knowledge of foreign and domestic policy is unmatched. He’ll also make sure a Trump situation never happens again. He can begin fixing what is so grossly broken. If (chanting) Trump is sent to prison, Biden will impeach all of the fuck faces he appointed. Joe-Joe is experienced and respected by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle, in each branch of government, and with our allies. Mighty Joe is level-headed. Democrats, independents, and disenfranchised republicans will vote for him. If he runs with Kamala Harris, to me, that’s a winning ticket. He’ll be a one-term president, and then Kamala will run with Beto, I hope, and win for 8 years.

Don’t forget, current “GOP” lawmakers aren’t comprised of normal republicans. If they were, Trump would’ve been impeached and indicted the day he was Fauxgurated.

I’m a liberal democrat and I’m DONE with tea party evangelicals / Trump loyalists, and progressives. Yes, I said it, progressives. DONE. They are as destructive to this country as the tea party is. In this political climate, their ideas are pie in the sky fuckery that will not bring genuine change to this country. They’re as divisive as the policies Trump and his ilk have pushed through. We’ve been in a constitutional crisis since Russia and Trump stole the election. We need real politicians who have OUR best interests at heart, and who can bring a modicum of normalcy back to politics.

ELIZABETH WARREN: No. Nope. Never. She’s easily manipulated by narcissists, evidenced by taking a DNA test to prove she’s Native American. Warren played right into Trump’s hands. She hasn’t a clue how to manage a narcissist. Pelosi does. Watch her. Pay attention to the things she says and does. She knows exactly who Trump is and how to play him.

BERNIE SANDERS: For the love of fucking God, no – Just fucking NO. No. Bernie. He’s as much of a malignant narcissist as Trump, just on the opposite end of the zealot spectrum. His followers are all Bernie cultists. Bernie is in this for Bernie, not America. He can’t articulate a single policy. Have you noticed that? Plus, and this is unforgivable, he doesn’t believe reparations are due to descendants of slaves. WRONG, MOTHER FUCKER, WRONG. His motivation for running is pure ego. He knows that he can take votes from people who would vote for a centrist candidate like Joe Biden, which means Trump and Russia will have succeeded again in stealing our country.

AOC had the audacity to avoid the question, but ask, “Are there really any black people?” No, no and more no. Than we have the raging anti-Semitic newcomer who doesn’t support peace in the Middle East.  Yitzhak Rabin was passionate about it and worked so hard for it, that he was killed because of it. Who killed him? Zealots.

I cannot BEAR zealots and extremists in any form. Their behavior is unconscionable and causes extreme hardship to people, regardless of what end of the spectrum you’re on.

Equally vile, the MSM has learned NOTHING since Hillary and Trump were candidates. They still don’t have a fucking clue how to cover a malignant narcissist with sociopathy. They are doing exactly what he wants, covering all of his distracting tweets and outrageous statements, instead of the policies he’s enacted that are KILLING AMERICANS and sending us into a recession. They have become as complicit as everyone in Trump’s inner circle — America can’t be about ratings, and it is

NO THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES: Any third party candidate who runs, is literally handing cunt (Trump) the presidency.

This concludes my rant. Thank you for listening. Now, it’s your turn. How do you feel? What are your thoughts?

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30 Responses to 2020 Presidential Elections, NO more zealots, NO more extremists

  1. laura says:

    Joementum? Isn’t it a tad early?


  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    Joe Biden eh?
    Would that be the Joe Biden who has been a part of the centrist triangulating bunch of corporate stooges who abandoned fighting for the interests of ordinary working people and were so stubbornly and arrogantly insensate to the mounting rage that throwing them under the bus engendered (‘cos where else they gonna go, right?), and so oblivious and unresponsive to the mounting threat of a blatant and consistent 40+ year campaign by the christo-fascists to colonize the GOP so as to provide support for precisely the kind of coup now ongoing that they left an open field for a carnival barker like Trump to run around in?
    That the schmoozing gladhanding poseur Joe you’re talking about? The one who’s run for prez a few times now and not gained the traction necessary to make the grade?

    So my first thought is that you’re a dimwitted twat looking in the rear view mirror for solutions to problems that are up in front. But I’ve red some of your other stuff, so I know you’re not a dimwit.
    My second is that I can’t believe anyone with a functioning cortex really thinks that a “centrist” political fossil can really be any useful part of a solution to this current shitshow.
    My third is thought is a sadness that you have surrendered your dreams and fallen for the “pie in the sky” critique of those daring to dream which is already a relentlessly right-wing agitprop “talking point” which seeks to make them as divisive as you’re now complaining they are.
    It’s not the dreams and the ideas that are divisive, you goofy muppet, it’s the projections of clever agitprop from power and privilege that’s divisive, and you’ve fallen for it.

    I’ll leave any critique of your delusional and horribly disagreeable remarks about “the raging anti-Semitic Muslim” to someone else. Tengrain has standards here that I would violate were I to try and adequately express my disgust at those remarks.

    It’s not all bad news though, I don’t think you’re wrong about Warren, particularly, and Trump would make mincemeat out of her if she’s the nominee.
    I do think you’re wrong about Bernie’s motivation though (he’s been hammering away with the same policy schtick for decades for crissakes, and good luck finding a politician with more constistency.), but I don’t think he can win a prez election so it would be good if he’s not the nominee.

    Anyone who runs for president has a monster ego though, so if you’re looking for a candidate who doesn’t, you’re gonna be out of luck.
    We’re on the same page about the media too, and about a third party candidate. And zealots too. Fuck ’em.

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    • Aurora S says:

      Oh snap


    • You are 100% correct. The statement I made about the raging anti-Semite newcomer was inappropriate and doesn’t reflect my views at all. Thank you for calling me out on it. I changed the phrase. I am enraged about the rampant Islamaphobia, scapegoating of Mexicans and a racist tangerine Hitler who thinks BLM is a terrorist group. I am disgusted that Israel and Palestine cannot find peace. There’s so much systemic hate on both sides, I find it enraging. I can’t stand to see Palestinians, Jews, or anyone else die because of hate and ignorance.

      I disagree about Joe Biden, because we need someone who can bring independents and disenfranchised republicans out to vote for him and not Trump.

      I disagree about Bernie re: policies about his presidency — he has none. I’ve watched his interviews carefully and he doesn’t answer policy questions with direct answers.

      In this political climate, we can’t afford pie in the sky thinking, again just my opinion. We need to get out of this constitutional crisis. The answer isn’t another progressive party — not now.

      All politicians have egos. I’m not talking about egos, I’m taking about a very specific type of narcissism, malignant narcissism or sadistic narcissism and sociopathy.

      Thank you for taking the time to really fucking slam me and make super valid points. I respect MPS/Tengrain, I am grateful for the platform and all of his readers.

      If you want to continue discussing, we can do so here or feel free to email me any time, katiegirl (@) gmail (dot) com.



      • 9thousandfeet says:

        Thanks for the reply, K.
        After I hit “post” on my original, I realized I’d neglected to say that while I think you’re dead wrong about Biden and the usefulness of centrism in the current climate, and somewhat wrong about Bernie and policy fundamentals etc, I do realize that we’re not adversaries in any sense that really matters right now.
        The time for people of goodwill to sort out their differences regarding the intricacies of policy is later, after we have united into effective action against this ongoing fascist coup and driven the perpetrators from positions of power.

        That said, it seems to me that the task at hand for all of us now is to evaluate who, in the Dem primary process, can be the most effective player in that upcoming drama, and in that area we’re not perhaps so far apart as it may appear initially. While I think Biden could beat Trump, so I’d work for him if he’s the nominee, but he may not be the only one who could win. I’m going to watch the show for a bit to see who I will support in the primaries. But aside from his campaigning talents, I don’t have much enthusiasm for his, or anyone’s, centrism. I think you make too much of Biden’s track record with regard to being able to initiate effective bipartisanship action too.
        That shit used to work OK sometimes, back before the GOP was utterly colonized by religious whackos and Ayn Rand zealots and so dramatically reduced opportunities to exercise such talents.
        Put me down as a “the only thing in the middle of the road is a yellow line and dead armadillos” kinda guy. We differ there, obviously.

        An additional point. My disdain for centrism is a sentiment that is on the rise, perhaps you’ll agree, and especially in the wave of new and long overdue energy now sweeping the Dem party in the form of young and talented candidacies at all levels. This disdain is especially evident among the women, I think that’s both plain to see and most welcome.

        And finally, I’m utterly persuaded that if there is to be anything in the future for our progeny other than a tragic and impossible inheritance, a strategy of political centrism which results in mere regulatory tinkering with the worst excesses of market driven capitalism is not going to be the vehicle that carries us there.
        It’s too late for centrism now, I’m afraid. A dramatic and courageous re-tooling of modernity’s economic, political and judicial framework is the only hope we have to mitigate the many looming crises we now face.


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  3. Aurora S says:

    Warren probably shouldn’t have taken the DNA test, BFD. That’s really the only gripe we can come up with? I heard her in an interview expressing regret over that, but does anyone fucking care anymore? Does that mean she can’t handle narcissists? She’s actually coming up with policy ideas that are expanding upon the same shit everyone else is talking about, which is more than we’ve squeezed out of anyone else yet.

    I’m pretty done with old white guys, tbh. They had their damn chance and fucked everything up.

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    • But the fact that she did is evidence of her inability to handle a narcissist. Narcissists happen to you, unless you know how to handle that Cluster B personality disorder, you’re easily manipulated by narcissists. Pelosi, in my opinion, is a perfect example of someone who knows how to manipulate a narcissist. My concern about her playing into Trump’s hand speaks to a much larger issue. How is she going to handle narcissists that play her?

      I am sick of old white men, too! In my opinion, we need Biden or a candidate of his caliber to beat Trump.

      Again, I am glad you took the time to comment and disagree.


      • Aurora S says:

        This is a personal peeve of mine—and I’m absolutely not sticking up for Cheeto Benito—but as far as I know, the guy has not been diagnosed with NPD. While it’s extremely likely that he does have a legit personality disorder, the tendency of unqualified randos to armchair-diagnose people with psychiatric disorders over the Internet is annoying and unhelpful.

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  4. JTO says:

    We can all be purity angels. We can all have make-or-break criteria. Fuck Biden because of Anita Hill or banks or insurance. Screw Warren because of Ancestry.org. Sanders – Fuck Statler, or is he Waldorf – who needs that goofy old muppet anyway. Nobody is perfect. Nobody will pass every arbitrary, bullshit made-up test. And that we love our meaningless, arbitrary, ever-shifting made-up tests more than we love an alternative future, well, fuck us.
    These tests are just excuses to not pound pavement and knock doors, allowing us instead to pound sand and rub nob.
    These tests are bullshit.
    One more time, these tests are bullshit.
    Again, these tests are bullshit.
    Talking smack, withholding a vote or campaigning against another Democrat is what is going to get us four more years of Trump and/or Pence and/or Federalist Society.
    You want to love some Biden? Go all in. You think Bernie is the bee’s knees? Superfantastic. Easy Rider Two with Beto and Hickenlooper in a sidecar is your groove? Right on, ride on, brother.
    None of these have anything to do with the other.
    There are PERSONAL PREFERENCES but there are no OBJECTIVELY WRONG choices in the Primary election.
    When the Primary is over, and we have a Democratic Party nominee, we are going to all need the amity, the good will, devotion, faith, love, energy, honest enthusiasm and support of every single possible nominee’s cadres. You are going to have to apologize to somebody for the shit you said. Even worse, you are going to have to honestly accept someone else’s apology and welcome and encourage their support for your candidate who won.
    Any Democrat can win the general election in 2020, but only when every Democrat supports that ONE nominee.

    Yrs, in Solidarity,


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    • You are absolutely right. I just hope the democratic candidate can unite independents and republicans, too. We need them to vote democrat, not for Trump or a third party.


      • We tried that.

        Hell we’ve been DOING that since Carter, and look where it’s gotten us: Trumpland, and aver rightward, to the point where even the simplest of things, like implementing the fucking Heritage Foundation’s health care plan was akin to the battle of Verdun.

        “uniting Republicans , independents and (right-wing) Democrats” is what’s pushed to Overton window to the right of Atilla the hun. At best we got Clinton (who championed welfare and financial reforms) and Obama (who spent both terms cleaning up after Bush II and then fighting an unyielding, unified GOP) at worse it got us GW Bush, Trump, and the utterly catastrophic midterm loss of 2010, which cemented Republican control of elections.

        That loss in 2010 leaves a bright line from then right through Hillary’s losses in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and the stolen gubernatorial election in Georgia, because those races weren’t decided by ‘economic anxiety’ or ‘Hillary not campaigning there’ they were decided by GOP VOTER SUPPRESSION, largely enabled by the Republicans getting to redraw congressional districts after the last census.

        Revving up the “Republican Lite Democratic Party Bus” to run down the base again because we can’t have ‘extremists’ and ‘fanatics’, aka Democrats form the Democratic wing of the party anywhere near the levers of power.

        You know how the GOP keeps winning? Well, they cheat, but they also assiduously cultivate their base of voters, whereas the national Democratic party treats them as troublemakers.

        So you can take your ‘fanatics and extremists’ ( also, NAME ONE!) with their impossible ‘pie in the sky’ ideas and stuff it.

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    • Bosma says:

      This x eleventy

      Republicans understand this, why can’t liberals..???


      • Republicans understand motivating their base to vote, and dragging along the Independents and reflexive-defensive-flinch Dems along because they look like winners.


  5. donnah says:

    I disagree about dismissing Warren, as I believe she’s smart, level-headed, and has very solid plans for the financial landscape with changing banks and monopolies. The ancestry thing is bullshit. Bernie is a hard no, and I’ll wait to see how the field fares as time goes on.

    Whoever wins will not only have the usual stress and massive responsibility of running the country, but the Herculean task of reversing the huge mess that Trump and the Republicans have made. Congress is going to have to rewrite legislation left and right (no pun intended) to prevent future thievery and grift by other possible crooks. Hopefully the next President will be able to do that.

    That said, I too will vote for the Democrat we end up with when all is said and done. And I will help wherever possible to get out the vote and support the Democratic ticket.


    • “Whoever wins will not only have the usual stress and massive responsibility of running the country, but the Herculean task of reversing the huge mess that Trump and the Republicans have made. Congress is going to have to rewrite legislation left and right (no pun intended) to prevent future thievery and grift by other possible crooks. Hopefully the next President will be able to do that.” <— Agreed.

      Like you, I will absolutely back the democratic candidate who runs and do what I can to support that candidate.


    • MDavis says:

      Every Democrat president since Nixon has had that extra Herculean task of cleaning up after the Republicans who went before. Isn’t that part of what Overton is all about?


  6. Infidel753 says:

    It depends on exactly what you mean by progressive “pie in the sky”. If memory serves, for example, Medicare-for-all and a substantial rise in the minimum wage are supported by large majorities of Americans. There’s a lot of money being spent to convince leaders that the Overton window is quite a way to the right of where it actually is.

    I 100% support JTO’s comment. For each potential candidate there are potential reasons for supporting or objecting to them. I’m uncomfortable with several of them myself. But when the nominee is chosen, everyone needs to support him or her, whoever it is.


    • “I 100% support JTO’s comment. For each potential candidate there are potential reasons for supporting or objecting to them. I’m uncomfortable with several of them myself. But when the nominee is chosen, everyone needs to support him or her, whoever it is.” So do I, and I plan to support the democratci candidate, too.

      Pie in the sky seems outlandish in this political landscape. There’s such a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up. I also don’t agree with medicare for all. That’s not the solution. People on Medicare are suffering and unable to get quality care. We need a universal healthcare plan that will genuinely help everyone. Medicare won’t do it. My parents need quality single payer healthcare because most doctors don’t take medicare.

      I am 100% for increasing the minimum wage. I think it’s disturbingly low. Nobody can live on minimum wage.


  7. purplehead says:

    “…most doctors don’t take medicare.” ??? Really? Where do you get that fact-idea? I’ve never run into that problem, and I have had to see a lot of doctors in recent years.

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    • 9thousandfeet says:

      I’ve had a disagreeably busy year in 2018 with medical procedures, some fairly minor and some not so much, and haven’t found any difficulty at all with having my Medicare accepted. Not by clinics, or hospitals, or individual doctors. Not even by an emergency flight for life helicopter outfit run by crazy Mormons out of Utah. My copay on their original $36,000 bill (for a 20 minute flight, if you can believe that!!) ended up being 200 bucks.


  8. Ten Bears says:

    Rolling on the floor laughing my rosey red ass off.

    This is encouraging me to take the Democrats seriously?

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  9. Art says:

    I understand the feelings of the piece. I feel bruised, battered, overwrought. I want quiet. I want a government that works well most of the time in the interests of most of the people. Easy to see why Joe is your guy. Hell, if I thought he could get elected, and we didn’t need to make big changes in the way things are run, I would be pushing him also.

    Problem is that Joe is not a firebrand. Trump is a character that stirs the blood. All the people you said no to are characters that demand an emotional response. The public is addicted to unreasoning passion. Joe won’t survive the primaries. What we need is reason and know-how wrapped in rage and passion.


  10. Dennis Cole says:

    I don’t understand the aversion to Bernie. I hear a lot of “Oh, god no, not Bernie!” but not a lot of why. Poll after poll showed that he could have beaten tRump last election, and just because a lot of his ideas and stances are left-of-center, that’s EXACTLY what’s needed these days, since at the very least they’re discussion-starters.

    And I say Hell No to Joe, as he’s always toed the corporate line, and he’s the epitome of Old White Guy syndrome. Just say No to the Status Quo; the world is burning down around us, and we need to initiate some DRASTIC new policies, on the same scale as we did immediately following Pearl Harbor, or it won’t matter by 2100, if not before then. I have a granddaughter who might be alive then, and I’ll be damned if I leave her a world she can’t breathe in, or drink the water. We need to admit we’re past the tipping point, and the cost of doing nothing, or not doing enough is far more than gearing up, tooling up, and tackling the big issues.

    Having said that, I will vote Blue, no matter who, even if it means holding my nose to do so. We can’t afford another tRump, or someone similar, and the quote about what’s in the middle of the road, (from Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station) is spot on. He also says that it’s our DUTY as citizens to learn as much as we can, about every candidate, issue, proposition etc., in order to be informed voters, and not just a “rah-rah squad” for the Flavor of the Day.


    • Aurora S says:

      But also, Ham Fucking Sandwich 2020, if that’s our Dem candidate. I am not above cheerleading for an inanimate object if it means we won’t be faced with another Republican goon.

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    • MDavis says:

      Bernie’s weak points weren’t dragged out into the open and paraded around like trophies. If he’d been nominated instead of Clinton we would have a lot more information propaganda out there about how he loves communism so much that he honeymooned in Russia. And that would have just been the appetizer. You could see, from space, that one getting queued up just in case Hillary lost the primaries; but instead the propaganda about how the ebil Dems cheated Bernie got head billing.

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  11. MDavis says:

    Beto seems like a good choice to be on the ticket. He had name recognition and he is not a sitting senator. Look at how well Mitch McConnell held back anything that Obama tried to do. Obama, for example, gets credit for keeping Guantanamo Bay open. Why? He pushed to close it but Republican congress said “No”, even refusing and resisting any funding in that direction.
    No, we need as many effective Representatives and Senators as we can keep. And someone should tell Bernie that this is where his legacy lies, in leading the Senate in keeping America from crumbling.


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