The Trump Budget

Trump Time!

Right about now is when Prznint Stupid is going to be releasing his budget proposal for the year; it’s been delayed because of the gubmint shutdown, but you know, no one is mentioning that.

We should note for the record that budget proposals from the White House are not based in reality, and they usually arrive moribund. The prznint’s budget proposal is more about showing where Hair Füror’s priorities are than anything else, and boy-howdy, what low priorities does he have:

“The president’s plan seeks deep cuts from agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department. At the same time it would spend $8.6 billion on a border wall with Mexico and boost defense spending to $750 billion, both items sure to raise intense opposition from Democrats.

“Calling for a total of $2.7 trillion in reductions over 10 years, the Trump administration is also taking aim at safety net programs, including hundreds of billions in cuts to Medicare and a request to drum up savings by imposing new restrictions on food stamps, housing assistance and aid to families that don’t make enough money to provide for their children.

“It seeks to cut $220 billion from food stamps over the course of a decade, once again promoting the Trump administration’s widely panned harvest box proposal, which would take billions in SNAP benefits that are spent in grocery stores and divert the money to supplying low-income people with boxes of wholesale staple foods.

“It also calls for a one-time investment of $1 billion to expand access to child care for underserved families.”

About that last item… that’s the First Shady Ivanka Trump’s initiative. So Daddy gave her $1B Ameros and a Security Clearance. No grifting there.



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4 Responses to The Trump Budget

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Oh, boy! More yummy gubmint sheeze! It was the meltiest, even better than Velveeta(tm). And if I recollect correctly, the gubmint peanut butter, powdered milk, rice, crackers and other fine nourishments were every bit as flavorful. And I’ve got a few Quatloos wagered on them provisioning us poor folk with a variation of Soylent Green, only with more soy than the other, um, filler, so to speak. Gotta keep those midwestern soybean farmers happy, ya know, so they keep voting properly.


  2. MDavis says:

    I remember the occasional government butter – a one time roommate went nuts on making Christmas treats for her family and friends with my butter rations and her pecans. What else you gonna do with five pounds of butter and no freezer space?


  3. Jim says:

    As usual, I must repeat what I say every year: this is Mick Mulvaney’s budget with input from other reactionary WH staffers. It’s not Trump’s budget since he is, at best, only semi-literate and utterly uninterested in policy details. He will have said I want more money for “Wall” and bigger defense spending and that’s about it. Like the DOA budget of FY 2017, this budget features a radical reduction in funding for USAID over the objections even of Pentagon generals. But, I will bet you 100 Quatloos that Trump has never heard of USAID nor has any idea what foreign assistance is. Nor does he care.

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