Today in History

Still dead.

Andrew Breitbart went to his great reward in 2012.

His last public words:

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4 Responses to Today in History

  1. Steve-O says:

    Paraphrasing Clarence Darrow…
    “I have some obituary notices with great satisfaction.”


    • Steve-O says:

      Dammit- I read them! I read them!
      Screw it, I’m going to eat a whole lot of ice cream.


    • Jim says:

      FWIW, the actual quote rom Darrow was “I never killed anybody, but I have done just the same thing. I have had a great deal of satisfaction over many obituary notices that I have read.” (Meaning he convicted criminals.) The quote was originally attributed to the always quotable Mark Twain but apparently he never said it.


  2. moeman says:

    Did they ever clean up the sidewalk where he dropped dead?


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