A.O.C. Continues to Impress

I turned off the hearings yesterday (real life interfered, shall we say?) and missed a lot of the fireworks, which I’ve read about since then.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez laid the groundwork for the committee to get the stuff Prznint Stupid has been hiding for more than two years now, you know, like saying that he’d love to release his tax returns but —darn the luck!— his hands are tied because of a routine audit.

Watching the recap was really eye-opening as she cut to the chase and asked Comrade Stupid’s Stupidest Lawyer (Sorry Rudy! ™) Michael Cohen:

…which puts on the record an entire new line of inquiry for subpoenaing records and witnesses for further investigation into the Trump Crime Family. Let’s not forget that Squiggy and Lenny are running the show now, so they will be holding the bag, too, if these prove fruitful (spoiler: they already are fruitful).

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11 Responses to A.O.C. Continues to Impress

  1. laura says:

    AOC and the rest of the cleanup women brought their A games yesterday and only a fool would overlook the Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove…Nancy Smash. There’s no way that an entitled tool like Moulten or Ryan would have had the street smarts or political calculus to place these bright and beautiful women in the Committee or have them bat last.

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  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    AOC is the most supremely natural talent to emerge in US politics in a long time, and when you couple that with a strong work ethic and an innate sense of fairness and justice, both of which she clearly has in spades, you get a political force of nature.
    Given the utterly vicious and escalating madness of our current political climate, I doubt I’m the only person to harbor anxieties for her, while at the same time feeling immense trepidation about expressing them.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      I believe that if there are valid, verifiable threats against AOC, then she automatically qualifies for round-the-clock protection from the Secret Service. Now whether that protection would fully guarantee that she – and her family – is completely out of danger at all times remains to be seen.
      After all, some of the agents that guard Hair Furor have been heard to say in private, “No way am I taking a bullet for that asshole,” or something similar. One would hope that if there ARE any hardcore misogynists among them, that they remain on presidential detail.


  3. Jim says:

    Not just insurance companies. Cohen admitted that Trump inflated his assets/net worth to get a big loan from Deutsche Bank though that bank has a pretty dirty record with Trump and Jared already. Still, it’s illegal.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    A Gooper unfriended me a few months ago and was too much of a wimp to admit it. I miss his whining about AOC, which started before she took office. Apparently the Goopers were afraid of her after her successful primary. With reason.


  5. MDavis says:

    I didn’t watch it at all. If I turned it on in our house we would have had a potential aneurysm to deal with. But I did check out a live blog summary, with videos of some of the high points.
    AOC asked Cohen who would have the dirt, too, and he named names for her. Also he named offices through which those names could be tracked down.
    I hope his family has round the clock protection. Cohen probably has a pretty good idea of how far Trump’s mob will go to punish. So if that includes actual violence rather than just threats I have to give Cohen props (stopping short of “hero”, though I am tempted) that I never thought I would. Elijah thanked him for his testimony, and I concur.
    On another note, I think Cohen has daddy issues, too. He seems to actually think that Trump is better than all this lying and conning and cheating, even after he started out saying Trump is a liar and a con and a cheat.


    • MDavis says:

      Cohen didn’t seem to be afraid at all, any more. He’s made his decision to return to the humane side, and he’s sticking with it. Apparently.


  6. Mrs Desertrat watched it all, and said AOC’s performance was awesome.

    She paid attention to everyone else’s questions ; and several of hers were follow-ups to ones other D’s had said. Mrs BDR said she could watch her striking off lines on her pad as testimony was given, then writing more at the end. She didn’t grandstand, she didn’t speechify, she fucking paid attention, asked the killer questions, kicked ass and took names.

    There were like five questions she asked that ended with ‘And who would know the answer to that question?’

    The Mrs has some history in the NYC commercial real estate world and told me that not paying taxes is one thing, but dicking with Insurance companies is a whole ‘nother level of hurt locker to open up.

    Insurance companies Don’t. Fuck. Around.

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  7. Dennis Cole says:

    Let me brush the dust off this old tome, but I’m pretty sure the saying goes, “Follow the money.”

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