Michael Cohen: The Would-Be John Dean of the Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac

Touched By An Angel, or at least a Fed.

Michael Cohen, Prznint Stupid’s stupidest lawyer (sorry Rudy!™) begins a three-day testimony before Congress:

  1. Today: a closed-door session with the Senate Intelligence Committee today
  2. Wednesday: a public session before the House Oversight Committee
  3. Thursday: another closed-door meeting with the House Intelligence Committee.

Friends and allies of Comrade Stupid have been smearing Cohen as an admitted liar and now felon (all of which is true), hoping that it will cause everyone to discount whatever Cohen says as more lies. I think even Cohen is smart enough to bring evidence to his hearings. It might be that no one believes his story, but it is harder to ignore receipts (as all the kids say).


“Cohen … is planning on portraying his onetime client in starkly negative terms when he testifies Wednesday before a House committee, and on describing what he says was Mr. Trump’s use of racist language, lies about his wealth and possible criminal conduct.”

So one hopes he really has hard evidence, especially of the criminal conduct.

The press is betting that Wednesday’s public testimony will be the most damaging for a president since John Dean helped bring down Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal.

The LATimes has a handy cut-out-and-keep chart of what you need to know.

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3 Responses to Michael Cohen: The Would-Be John Dean of the Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    VERY informative flow-chart thingy. But I declined the offer to download the PDF.
    Sort of related: Fun With Words! If you take the “he” out of Cohen, what do have left? Uh-huh.


  2. MDavis says:

    If he didn’t have hard evidence would Jr be hitting the Fox show circuit and reminding everyone that he is a “known liar and felon”? Funny, that, he wants to remind people that Cohen is a liar and a felon but forget that he was lying and feloning for his dad.

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    • Pyed says:

      And that the reason he and his Da are as yet unindicted felons and liars is that the route to them lies through liar and felon Cohen.


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