Stable Genius To Destabilize Asia

Comrade Trump and Chairman Kim are gonna meet in Hanoi to discuss denuclearization. Can you say denuclearization? I knew you could! Comrade Trump can’t.

So what does denuclearization even mean? You’d be surprised to learn OPINIONS DIFFER!

  • Prznint Stupid thinks it means North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons.
  • Kim thinks it means the U.S. removes all its nuclear weapons from South Korea and from ships and submarines in the surrounding waters.

The gubmints of South Korea and Japan depend on the US to defend them, not only from North Korea, but also from China, so they don’t like this convo at all, because they suspect that Trump will do whatever Putin wants. If Prznint Stupid agrees to Kim’s definition of denuclearization (you know, maybe in his quest to do something/anything/everything to win a Nobel Prize to PWN OBAMA!!1!), then watch a nuclear arms race ensue, and the entire region to fall into chaos. Putin’s grin will be visible from the Space Station.

BTW, Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo contradicted his boss Prznint Stupid on whether North Korea poses a nuclear menace, then swiftly denied that there was any divergence in their views, so we got that workin’ for us, too, as the dictators’ play date approaches (Wednesday/Thursday).

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5 Responses to Stable Genius To Destabilize Asia

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    I think I can safely predict there will NOT be a Memorandum of Understanding, once the summit mtg. is finished, with both sides loudly declaring victory. In fact, I have a few spare Quatloos to wager, if I can find some suckers er, takers.

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    • roket says:

      Shhh. According to Robert Lighthizer, we will never use those words, MOU, again in the presence of Donnie Dorko. I believe there’s even an NDA in the works for that.

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      • Boris says:

        …or an MOU leading to an SLA which ultimately leads to an actual contract the president* won’t honor.

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      • Boris says:

        I believe there’s even an NDA in the works for that.

        …or an MOU leading to an SLA that will lead to an actual contract the the president* will not honor.


    • Pyed says:

      I see no reason why both sides could not loudly declare a spurious victory.

      Both sides are poseurs. So, what happens then? Either their agreement fades in both minds like a stolen presidential document, or it is a key in the destabilization of the area.

      A bit of amateur–and I do mean amateur–Kabuki Theater, or the opening exchange leading to World War III. You pays your Quartoos and you takes your choice.

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