Howard Schultz’ Cup Remains Empty

Stolen from Sprudge – which you should go read. Click the image!

Seattle Times:

Howard Schultz didn’t vote on latest Seattle school levies

“Even after facing public criticism over his spotty voting record, Howard Schultz failed to vote in this month’s Seattle school-levy election.

“King County Elections records show a postage-paid ballot for the Feb. 12 special election was mailed to the billionaire former Starbucks CEO and potential presidential candidate on Jan. 23, but never returned.

“The no-show was in line with Schultz’s pattern of ignoring many elections over the decades, even while urging increased civic and political involvement by Americans.”

So, local billionaire wants what now?

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5 Responses to Howard Schultz’ Cup Remains Empty

  1. Hey hey hey, we’re supposed to vote for him. He doesn’t do the voting!

    That’s the serfs proles peasants people’s job…his is to rule OVER the serfs proles peasants people.

    Don’t you get ANY of the Billionaires Rules For The Serfs Proles Peasants People?

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  2. Jules MomCat says:

    He’s just Suckface 2.0.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Being a billionaire takes up all of his time.


    • MDavis says:

      I thought he was still CEO of Starbucks. Clicked the link to find out he doesn’t even have that to do anymore. Also, to expand on a tweet from there, Schultz claims he wants to do something (good, we assume) for the U.S. but copying literally anything that Bill Gates is doing with his money would be a better use of his resources.

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  4. He’s busy travelling the world, voting with his wallet, so he can’t be bothered voting in a state with mail in ballots. I would call him a tool, but that would imply that he’s useful in some way.

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