Just give him the money, and no one gets hurt!

Well, fellow hostages, by the time I post this, Comrade Stupid will have declared his National Emergency for the emergency that he created at the border, after signing some sort of bill that avoids the other national emergency that he created. And then he goes to Merde-a-Lardo to recover from all that work.

The man works his tiny fingers to the bone.


“The upshot is that any attempt by Trump to get around Congress by using invented emergency powers would violate the Constitution. It almost certainly would be blocked by the courts. And it would constitute a high crime and misdemeanor qualifying him for impeachment.”

Silly Bloomberg! Obeying the law has never been important to Hair Füror.

Reliable Sources email thingie point us to Tiger Beat’s conservative editor, Matt Latimer:

“By now, we’ve all become numb, alarmingly so, to the nutty ideas the president of the United States has floated or in some cases enacted to undermine the basic norms of our democratic institutions: firing FBI personnel on various pretexts, discounting election results he doesn’t like, befriending vicious dictators, claiming judges are biased based on their ethnicity, alleging massive voter fraud without evidence, ignoring intelligence findings he doesn’t agree with, and on and on and on. But as bizarre and dangerous as these have been, his plan to declare a national emergency is by far the absolute worst…

“I used to laugh when my more progressive friends warned me that Trump wanted to turn America into a third-world banana republic. He’d never pull that off, I’d tell them. The Constitution will stop him. Members of Congress will stop him. The GOP will stop him. Now, I’m the one who is the fool. I’ve tried very hard to restrain myself from frantic pronouncements, but this national emergency declaration is the closest my friends have ever come to seeing their worst fears realized. Is there any other way to see it?”

It’s worth the read to see a Republican admit that the Left was right, all along. Read the rest of it.

Once Comrade Stupid pulls the plug, then Speaker Pelosi gets her game on.

Roll Call:

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday that Democrats will weigh their options for a response, including taking legal action. She was asked about the possibility of scheduling a vote that would put Republicans on record over Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency but declined to confirm if she would do that.

“I don’t believe that there’s any good faith negotiations to have with the Republicans in Congress if they’re going to support the president doing an end-run about what the will of the people, the Congress of the United States, has put forth,” the California Democrat said. “So we will review our options and I’m not prepared to give any preference to any one of them right now.”

“Pelosi said she “may” mount a legal challenge against the declaration but did not not want to commit to anything until seeing Trump’s explanation for his action.”

The vote that would “put Republicans on record” would have to be a joint resolution, which is privileged, and would require amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell to hold a vote within 18 days of passing the house. Joint resolutions take 2/3 majority of each chamber to pass, and would put every Republican on record that they support 1) a power grab by the prznint that effectively makes Congress useless, or B) defy the wishes of the Russian Usurper.

House Democrats (along with citizens who stand to be harmed by Trump’s theft of funds and land) would have standing to sue the administration. Some legal experts think lower courts will block the declaration, the seizures, or both pending an eventual ruling by the Supreme Court.


And so it starts.

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4 Responses to Just give him the money, and no one gets hurt!

  1. Jules MomCat says:

    If he continues to get his way, we’re on the short, straight path to dictatorship. Kiss democracy “Adios!”


  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    And so it starts.

    Yes indeed.
    I don’t think Pelosi forcing GOP invertebrates to “going on the record” in support of this emerging coup will worry McConnell much, and it sure won’t bother Trump one bit. As we’ve discussed endlessly, so long as Trump has 80%+ of “likely republican voters” in his hip pocket, Mitch’s caucus may moan and groan, but they’ll vote the way they must to avoid a catastrophic schism.

    The question now is what they have to do to keep this coup moving forward.

    If I was running this coup, the next Big Thing that will need my attention is Mueller, of course. Faced with the choice of dealing with the scandal that will emerge from his investigation being completed and, even in part, made public, or the scandal emerging from kneecapping him to avoid it being made public, I know which one would keep the vile socialist scum trapped in reactive mode and keep them running around trying to stamp out the fires faster than I can set them.

    So I’mma gonna take a solid half of the quatloos I won by predicting he’d declare an emergency sooner or later, and put them on kneecapping Mueller being the next really Big Thing.


    • tengrain says:

      9K – I think a lot of us won the National Emergency Wager (way back); gotta admit my recent wager that he would sign the bill and declare victory was a non-started.

      As to Mueller, well, they’ve been kneecapping him since the very beginning. If you mean that Bill Barr is going to rat-eff Mueller and cancel the investigation or defund it, that’s a more interesting scenario.




  3. Mrs DR is live-texting the speech to me: (her commentary in italics…)

    Wow. Trump is … I don’t know how to describe his “speech.” In the Rose Garden.

    He,s back on the tape. “And how our border security people open every back doors of our cars.” I,ve never had my back door opened, you?

    “Im going to sign a national emergency. And its been done many times before . And its not been a big deal.”

    “A death penalty.” “We fine drug dealers, that,s all.”


    “We,ll see what happens.”

    Angel moms
    Fake grieving parents.
    We will have a national emergency.
    He,s sing songing.

    The ban.

    What ban? I don’t know, but thats ok, because neither does he.

    The ban.

    It ties to the ninth circuit, but don’t ask me how.

    I’m a big deficit believer.

    56 declarations of national emergency have been “do.”

    “Port of entrys.” Entries? I can’t even guess.

    Steel plants are being built all over the country, since i tariffed.

    I got a billion dollars from ZTE in a week.

    And then shit got weird.

    Nobody talks about that.

    Its called chain migration.

    Rush limbaugh has the biggest audience in the history of the world.

    Ann Coulter is off the reservation.

    Growth is fixing the deficit.

    He successfully pointed to the Oval Office. I’ll admit that.

    His relationship with kim is more important than nk denuclearizeing.

    North Korea is going to have a roaring economy because of its vital position between Russia and China.

    Googlemaps is your friend, shithead.

    Stand-in angel moms. Jesus.

    The order is signed, and i will sign it in a minute.

    “We have so much money, I don’t know what to do with it.”

    He,s talking about the budget thingy he just signed.


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