#NeverTrust #NeverTrumpers, Part Infinity

Ewick is part of the landing party.

As if on-cue from our post this morning:

On the plus-side (see what I did there?), Ewick is probably telling the truth. Of course he is ahead of the curve, flip-flopping, er, bravely changing his stance. He’ll be back on the MSM by the weekend (Hello, Chuck Todd!)  with thoughtful, serious Villagers wanting to know what happened, but essentially welcoming him back into the fold from the wilderness.

Also, as you know, he sold Red State for a princely sum and started a new grift, er, website that has been struggling because, well, Possum Hollar don’t like no apostates. And if there’s one thing we know about Ewick Son-of-Ewick it is that he is always at market price.

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6 Responses to #NeverTrust #NeverTrumpers, Part Infinity

  1. I would like to object to that Ewick picture. There is no way his torso looks like that.


  2. The continuing abasement and kneeling of the fake Never Trump movement continues apace…..


  3. roket says:

    This is good news for John McCain. In other words, who the fu(k cares?

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    I thought the RNC recently nominated Dumpy as their candidate – by unanimous vote. But I can’t seem to find verification anywhere. Of course, I didn’t do that much of a diligent search, considering the subject matter.

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