Never Trust Never Trumpers

Depends upon how the media frame it

This little bit that Tiger Beat email thingie aggregated from the Daily Beast is delicious (enigmatic emboldening is theirs):


“MEDIAWATCH — “Steve Schmidt Storms Off Own Podcast When Asked About Advising Howard Schultz,” by The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift: “Schmidt railed at having to defend himself on his [“Words Matter”] podcast with a stream of curses a source present in the studio said consumed six minutes. Told that listeners were castigating him for joining an effort that could help re-elect President Trump and that he owed them answers …

“That prompts [host Adam] Levine to ask the question that evidently hits a nerve. ‘Will Derek Jeter or another athlete not hit another home run because they’re going to get taxed at 70? What’s the economic behavior that he thinks is anti-growth, other than his own pocket?’ ‘This is bull***,’ Schmidt exclaims. ‘I’m not doing this.’ ‘Steve, you’ve got to answer the questions,’ Levine says.

“‘I’m not,’ and with that Schmidt slams down his headset and abruptly ends the interview. He threatened legal action against the studio if the interview airs, according to a source involved in the discussion. When his legal threat failed, he offered to buy the recording, according to the source. The studio refused. … Hours later, [Elise] Jordan … Tweeted … that she was also leaving Words Matter.” Daily BeastThe podcast episode

Reliable Sources email thingie naval gazes:

Oliver Darcy emails: Drama erupted on the podcast when Schmidt found himself in the hot seat. In the episode, which was taped last Tuesday, Schmidt seemed to object to being pressed about Schultz’s words and actions. After about half an hour, he called “bulls**t” and said he was “not doing this” before walking out. According to The Daily Beast, Schmidt then threatened legal action if the podcast were to go up. (It is currently live on iTunes.) The episode will be the last one to feature Schmidt, “Words Matter” CEO Adam Levine told The Beast. Elise Jordan, a co-founder of the podcast, also says she’s leaving.

So what now? Levine just replied and said the pod will go on: “Elise will be missed — I will take over hosting responsibilities for a while until we find new co-hosts who share that belief and commitment.”

Sounds like Schmidt needs to switch to decaf.

As you know, MPS’ position on the Never Trumpers is to Never Trust’em. They will return to Both Sides form at the drop of the hat, as Steve Schmidt did with Howard Schultz, and try to rat-eff the Dims; this is about trying to right the wagon (so to speak) and ensure that 2020 belongs to the Republicans.

So DO NOT TRUST THE NEVER TRUMPERS! This includes all the brave darlings currently being fėted by the Left, who seem to have forgotten the story of the Scorpion and the Frog.

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3 Responses to Never Trust Never Trumpers

  1. roket says:

    It sucks to be called out on your own bullshit. Steve Schmidt’s employment status is in my thoughts and prayers. hehehehehe


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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Too many candidates, valid or not. We have to start cutting the worst choices now. He seems destined for a first round ‘cut’.


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