Bad Ads, Cont.

Scissorhead Fran reports this was from a local bake sale. Artisanal, one might even say. Locally sourced, too. Also.

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5 Responses to Bad Ads, Cont.

  1. I think some of the ‘bakers’ really needs to see their gastroenterologist…


  2. Redhand says:

    On the subject of Fudge, this YouTube commentary from Paulogia, the Channel of a Canadian ex-Mennonite atheist who regularly critiques Ken Ham and his Young Earth cohorts at the “Ark Encounter” in Kentucky, is simply priceless.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    AND, it’s organic!

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  4. Boris says:

    Seemingly some people can only use the letters td in conjunction with sports…


  5. But it tastes like shit!

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