Eric Trump Explains T-Mobile Did Not Bribe Daddy

All that glitters…


“Executives from the telecom giant T-Mobile — which last year asked the Trump administration to approve its megamerger with Sprint — have booked at least 52 nights at President Trump’s hotel in the District since then, even more than previously reported, according to newly obtained records from the hotel. …

“In addition, another Trump hotel document gave the first indication of the rates that T-Mobile executives paid for their rooms. This document showed that when Legere stayed at Trump’s hotel for two nights last month, his room had a rate of $2,246 per night.”

Our little buddy  Eric Trump explains that it is not a bribe:

“The president’s son, Eric Trump, took over running the family’s real estate business when his father took office.

“He told The Post in an email that the hotel has “absolutely no role in politics.”

“Eric Trump added that it came “as no surprise” that Legere, the CEO of a major corporation, would want to stay the hotel.”

See? It was not a bribe. It was 52 bribes! Or a weekly bribe, your choice! Maybe it was a bribe on the ol’ installment plan?

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a $2K+ Ameros per night room with burned steaks from room service, so close to where your bribe needs to be delivered?

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6 Responses to Eric Trump Explains T-Mobile Did Not Bribe Daddy

  1. Also, too, a well documented violation of the lease by which Trump got the old Post Office building in the first place, which explicitly states that a leaseholder or principal in the business may not hold federal office.

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    • MDavis says:

      This whole crew has routinely ignored their contracts for their responsibility and vigorously enforced the other guy’s obligations (and beyond) since forever. The tales of small businesses going bankrupt over these practices are everywhere, I don’t understand why someone writing up the Old Post Office contracts did not take this into account. Can’t you refuse to deal with someone who has repeatedly ignored previous contracts?


      • Pyed says:

        You are forgetting the Christian element in big business. these days. So what if a CEO perjured himself and ignored his contractual obligations while suing someone else when they missed one twiddle in the small print while fulfilling theirs?

        All the “Christian CEOs” need to do is have an illusionary come to Jesus moment and they are born again, with no record against them, free to ignore obligations in future contracts that they are signing now.


  2. FELINE MAMA says:

    So, Odo, if this merger wasn’t a “thing” they woulda stayed there anyway. I see. Thank you!


  3. roket says:

    I assume the $2,246 rate includes a complimentary escort.


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