Klan Kan Dance

Tulsi Gabbard got an unusual endorsement:

And that’s all Imma say.

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4 Responses to Endorsements!

  1. Pyed says:

    Not surprisingly, Tulsi Gabbard denounced David Duke and rejected his endorsement 22 hours ago. Seems like the goats in the 2020 goat rodeo are putting their heads down and getting their horns into play already.

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  2. Kiwiwriter says:

    She must be the first Democratic presidential candidate to get a Klan endorsement since George Wallace in 1968.

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    • Jim says:

      But a weird endorsement that she also rejected. There are other reasons to object to Gabbard but not Duke’s statement, which is just weird.


      • Kiwiwriter says:

        Well, David Duke defines weirdness…we all know about the neo-Nazi books he’s written. His other book is a sex manual that stresses women obeying their boyfriends and husbands. Other folks in the “movement” complained that Duke couldn’t keep his hands off of women, even other men’s wives.

        He also showed a good deal of hypocrisy in his life, which is unsurprising…he went to federal prison for taking the donations to his Klan and political activities and using them to study the laws of probability on Mississippi Riverboat casinos, where he was comped as a “whale.” However, he did not report the use of these donations for personal purposes as personal income, and the IRS took a dim view of that.

        In addition, his girlfriend at the time told the SPLC later that when Duke was dealing with blacks, Muslims, and Latinos in routine interchanges, or as croupiers and staff on the floating casinos, he was polite and respectful, in opposition to his fiery rhetoric.

        As a Louisiana State Representative, he showed his great commitment to his cause by using his franking privileges to mail out neo-Nazi propaganda to followers. The only bill he introduced (and got passed) was a non-controversial measure on dog licenses.


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