United States Government Planned to “Traumatize” Migrant Children

The animal magnetism of Stephan “Pee-Wee Goering” Miller is palpable.

If you have a few moments please consider reading this post from Stanford University:

Memorandum Reveals United States Government Planned to “Traumatize” Migrant Children

The 4th Reich is pure evil.

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4 Responses to United States Government Planned to “Traumatize” Migrant Children

  1. JTO says:

    I just noticed, and maybe it has been going on a while – but Kristjen (sp? wtf) Nielsen – uses the 1st person pronouns.’ “We” do not have a policy, ‘Our’ policy, etc. etc.
    This is, from my perspective, awkward as hell and inaccurate writing/speaking. The DHS is not hers, in any form. She is the administrative head of an executive branch Department. The Department has policy, she, her leadership team, aids and advisors, deputies and undersecretaries (do these even exist anymore?) are not the Department and do not have policies. They do not have personal interests in the policies of the administration of the Department, even as they implement the government’s policies. Using the personal pronoun in discussion of policy suggests, nay, means, that HER policies are at the same time the same, and different from, those of the government.
    Can she say ‘she never’ and ‘we never’ and distance herself from the policies of the Department she is administering? As if the Congress was interested in how she raises and treats her own children at home? The ‘we’ being Mr. Nielsen if such a creature exists?
    I’ll take my answer off the air, thank you.

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  2. laura says:

    Neilsen, Miller and every other motherfucker who had any role in this policy deserves multiple red hot pokers up the ass. Then Nuremberg em, them send them to the Hague, then strip them of their citizenship and let THEM see what living stateless means.
    Then take all the Trump kids’ kids and give them to betsy DeVos to farm out to good Christian homes.

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  3. Scottie says:

    Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:

    This is an important read. I had heard parts of this, but now the full picture is emerging. This is especially timely as tRump is increasing the number of military troops sent to the southern border with no real mission and on real need. It is a political stunt to fake an emergency need for a wall. The fact is the tRump admin for the purpose of causing terror in families seeking asylum , a totally legal act, which the tRump admin has criminalized. We need a real accounting of all the crimes done by these people. Please read the article. Hugs


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Meanwhile the QAnon assholes think that Trump is going to end the global satanist cabal that is torturing children to produce adrenochrome… these people really don’t know where to place the blame for crimes against children.

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