Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders Reponds!

White House’s Truth Teller, Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders

Responding to Axios’ reporting, White House press secretary Elmira Gantry emailed this statement:

“President Trump has a different leadership style than his predecessors and the results speak for themselves.”

So true.

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4 Responses to Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders Reponds!

  1. donnah says:

    His “executive time” was also described as his time to “be creative”…massive eyeroll…

    This turd of a human being is useless on every level. He doesn’t work, he only wants to sit and order his peons to do his bidding. Watching FOX, golfing, going to pep rallies and fundraisers for himself are his job, in his mind. He knows nothing about governing or leadership or cooperation. He doesn’t understand our government structure or how the chain of power and checks and balances work.

    I’m surpised (I am not surprised) that he’s gotten worse with his amount of time doing actual work. I don’t know why he wanted to be president in the first place, except for the fawning attention and constant adoration from his fans.

    I hope he gets lots of attention in prison.

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  2. …the results speak for themselves.

    Well smack my gob and call me a republican. The Mouth of Trumpon can INDEED speak the truth.

    Even if it is inadvertently so…

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  3. roket says:

    I’ll say he has a different leadership style, as in nonexistent. What a maroon.


    • Sirius Lunacy says:

      LACKING leadership style is not the same as HAVING A DIFFERENT leadership style. Sorry, Sarah Half-a-bee’s lips are moving therefore it is a lie.

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