SOTU Address is Scheduled

Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio, the Cold Warrior for a New Generation, and beloved grandson figure of Wingnuts over the age of 65 and under the age of death.

Hey guys, remember that time when Marco Rubio gave the rebuttal to The Kenyan Usurper’s SOTU Address? Good times, huh?

The State of the Union Address will be on February 5.

Anyway, the Democrats are doing something kinda smart! They’ve tapped two up-and-at’em future superstars to give the rebuttal to The Russian Usurper’s SOTU Address: Stacey Abrams, famous for nearly winning the Georgia gubernatorial race and California AG Xavier Becerra will give the response en Espagnol. Take THAT Bobby Jindal (and his hilarious accidental Kenneth the Page impersonation)!

Both Abrams and Becerra are likely 2020 Senate candidates (should Harris leave her seat and/or DiFi retires, it is Becerra, and Abrams is aiming for David Perdue’s seat), so this really is getting the back-bench warmed up.

I believe that the Networks are all compelled to broadcast the SOTU address, so there is no real reason to push the drop-off strategy that worked so well previously. Therefore, if you want to impact ratings, keep your TeeVee sets turned off while the Mango-hued Shitgibbon is on, but be sure to turn on for the response.

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3 Responses to SOTU Address is Scheduled

  1. Jim says:

    Listening to Comrade Stupid makes me ill and especially when he’s forced to give a prepared, formal address (or what passes for one in his case). This year’s speech, undoubtedly to be written by his House Nazi, Stephan Miller, will certainly be filled with massive amounts of vitriol and slander about the Democrats. Who needs to watch that crap? So, yes, I’ll tune into Stacey and Xavier instead.


  2. laura says:

    Xavier Becerra has been en fuego on the trump admin since day 1.
    I hope Univision’s rating go through the roof!

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  3. MDavis says:

    Question – what are the odds Donnie cancels the government again just before the scheduled SOTU address? I can see him doing this just to show Nancy who’s boss.


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