Trade Wars: Vroom-Vroom, Harley’s Profits Go Boom

Eric Trump Joins a Biker Gang!

Harley-Davidson Profit Is Wiped Out by President Trump’s Tariffs

“Harley-Davidson Inc. barely broke even in the last quarter of a year in which the struggling American icon got caught up in President Donald Trump’s trade wars. The motorcycle maker’s shares plunged the most in a year.

“Trump attacked Harley last year after it announced plans to shift some U.S. production overseas to sidestep levies imposed by the European Union. But the motorcycle maker has more than tariffs and angry tweets to blame for its performance. U.S. retail sales tumbled 10 percent in the three months ended in December, the eighth consecutive quarterly drop.”


“World-wide sales dropped 6.1 percent last year from 2017 to about 228,000 motorcycles. In the U.S. sales fell 10 percent, but the number was lifted up slightly by stronger sales in Latin America, according to the Wall Street Journal. Additionally, shares dropped seven percent in pre-market trading.”

The WSJ article that Jalopnik references:

“The company faces pressure as it core, older customers buy fewer bikes and younger consumers show less interest in buying its motorcycles. There is a glut of used Harley products on the domestic market, allowing buyers to pick up its signature cycles at prices that are lower than new models.

“The company has also faced higher costs in the U.S. due to tariffs the Trump administration implemented on steel and aluminum and said last year it would shift more production overseas to avoid European Union tariffs on its bikes.”

Now, you may recall that Harley went all-in with Prznint McDeals at the beginning of the 4th Reich, but then when the easy-to-win Trade Wars started, increased cost (taxed) of raw materials gave them a shove to emerging markets, OVER THERE! Prznint Stupid turned on them like a rat in a corner.

And now we see that the Boomers with money (the only Harley-Davidson market segment in the US) are shifting to buying Medicare Scooters, selling their old rides, and the Yutes are not buying these things (and certainly not buying them new!), and so H-D accelerated (see what I did there?) moving their production closer to their growth market. This is business school basics.

Larger lesson here: everything that Comrade Trump touches gets ruined, sooner or later. Get into bed with Trump and you’ll regret it, Corporate America.

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6 Responses to Trade Wars: Vroom-Vroom, Harley’s Profits Go Boom

  1. FELINE MAMA says:

    Hey corp ‘Merika. Either YOU don’t learn your lesson the first, ah, second, ah, THIRD time; you don’t/didn’t do homework on “the donald”, or you are just plain stupid & deserve what happens. DT has been the same person he has Always been. In business & personal life. My husband & I knew of him 50 yrs ago. Where were you? Dummies!!

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  2. Torontonian says:

    If memory serves me correctly, I thought Trump was to visit
    Harley Davidson in Wisconsin last year but the works up there
    are unionized and there was concern about protests, The H D
    executive visited the White House so as to avoid any possible
    embarassment to the President.

    So how did that work out for HD and Trump?
    Election coming up next year and like the Brooklyn Dodgers said
    after losing the World Series yet again. Jes wait’ll next year!


  3. FELINE MAMA says:

    If it’s one thing Little Donny does not like it is protesters. Protesters with signs & ‘Baby T Balloons’. (What happened to these, BTW.) ‘splains why he is holing up in his oval cocoon so much lately.

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  4. Jim says:

    “Get into bed with Trump and you’ll regret it, Corporate America.” But, no, he’s a business genius! Didn’t you read his book “The Art of the Fail”?


    • Osirisopto says:

      Nobody actually read it. They just bought it, glanced through the TOC and shelved it for later.

      Explains everything IYAM.


  5. I am almost 72, and even if I had maintained fantasies about “Easy Rider” or :”Wild One” adventures once, I could not afford a Harley. Some bucket list items are only fantasies, anyway!


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