No One Puts Donnie In The Corner

Weaponized Pelosi
(Stolen without shame from the much-missed Zaius Nation)


“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked President Trump in a letter Wednesday to hold off on his State of the Union address on Jan. 29 until after the government shutdown is resolved, or to submit his speech in writing instead.”

Twitter storm in 3…, 2…, 1…


UPDATE 2: Should have mentioned this – The Speaker of the House can rescind the invitation to address Congress.

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8 Responses to No One Puts Donnie In The Corner

  1. Condi says:

    You’ve got a little breathing room; neither Coulter nor Limbaugh have reacted to Nancy’s statement. Which means El Lardo doesn’t know yet what he “thinks.”

    Be entertaining to see what the maroon does…

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  2. donnah says:

    Aaaaaaannnnnnd SMASH!

    Nancy Pelosi takes no crap and no prisoners. She and Chuck Schumer are Team One and they are finally able to call some shots. I hope we can support them and the newly empowered House to fight back against the Trumpocalypse.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    TG – you mean that Nasty Nancy (and why hasn’t tRump been calling her that?), can just thumb her nose at the Great Orange One, and there won’t be a SOTU speech? Huzzah!
    Not that I would listen, but that would basically chop him down at the knees, now wouldn’t it?

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    • Nangleator says:

      I would be ever so happy if she does that! Has it ever been done? I’d guess no, but I’m no historian.

      Better use of the time: Get Colbert to do a stand-up routine right at the same podium, while Shithole sharts out his propaganda from… anywhere else.

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  4. moeman says:

    Hope Mme. Pelosi does it and tRUmp holds one of his rallies.

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  5. Scottie says:

    Pelosi can get under tRump’s skin better than anyone. Yet he seems to not want to attack her as much as he does others. Could this be a female he is scared of? The word impeachment comes to mind. Hugs

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    • he is a coward, and scared of anyone who can punch back. Pelosi, right now, has arguably more power than pretty much anyone in DC. Plus, she is NANCY SMACH and as evidenced by the body language in that meeting with Trump, absolutely no willingness to put up with fat old guy dumb dominance displays. His signature handshake move, done on a lady, would show him to be the bullying, ignorant boor that he is afraid that he is at heart. She exposes all his fears and all his weaknesses, all at once.

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  6. My bet is he tries another Bad Lip Reading from the Oval. And where are the Bad Lip Reading guys on that? His lip movements are so weird, they could make him sing Village People songs….


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