Hair Füror’s Pocket Nazi Strikes Again! (Probably)

Pee Wee Hermann Goering (image credit: Twitter)

The Russian Usurper’s pocket Nazi was busy this weekend:

There is no way illiterate Hair Füror wrote this. 1) No strange caps and no goofy spelling and B) numbers indicate someone who is interested in details. A journalist on twitter pointed out that this same misinfo was from VDare, which is a white nationalist site.

Q.E.D., Bitchez: Stephan Miller!

But the more interesting thing is that Hair Füror is citing a white nationalist like Pat Buchanan, whom he is on record as calling an anti-Semitic Hitler lover and racist. Lo! Some spitballing!

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4 Responses to Hair Füror’s Pocket Nazi Strikes Again! (Probably)

  1. He is “on the records” for many, many things, such as saying that he’s been in Washington all alone this whole time, the day after he was all over our teevee in Texas!

    Now, it’s entirely possible that that was Mirror Universe Trump. After all he was standing next to Ted Cruz, who had a beard!

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  2. Nangleator says:

    Those statistics seem low, according to my older relatives that watch Fox. Specifically, last year, each refugee murdered 500 million Americans every day of last year. I personally remember 90 of them taking my job. Every day.

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  3. roket says:

    No adjectives. No Trump.

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  4. Pyed says:

    Jaysus H. Fucking Pat Buchanan on an effing Grateful Dead tour bus! Sure I know he’s still clinically alive, but fuck me, he’s fucking Pat Buchanan, the asshole they call a paleoconservative because he thinks the world started going to hell in a handbasket when Americans quit living in caves and invented handbaskets.


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