The Shut-Show Day 22

In Mitch McConnell’s salad days, when he only had a few chins

Congratulations to Comrade Stupid: he has now manufactured the longest gubment shut-down in US history, and negotiations have stopped and don’t look to be starting up again anytime soon. Federal workers have missed their first payday yesterday, and the House and Senate have gone home for the weekend.

So far, 12 House Republicans have defied the Russian Usurper and voted for the bills to reopen parts of the government. Republican Senators on record as wanting to end it include Murkowski, Collins, Gardner.Adding these three Senators to the total number of Democrats brings the it to an even 50-50 split (with Mike Pence as the tie breaker); we need one more Republican to throw in the towel and Mitch McConnell to allow a vote.

As Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie put it:

— WHEN MITCH MCCONNELL IS ON THE SIDELINES, NOTHING HAPPENS … This is a statement based on a small sample size, but MCCONNELL is not involved in ending this standoff, and it’s now the longest shutdown ever. He’s not the key, but he’s a key.

Axios has a really cool interactive, data visualization  map that shows the distribution of furloughed/unpaid federal employees by state, and there’s an interesting twist to it: Trump’s hard line over wall funding could end up hurting some of the people who put him into office (weird formatting is theirs):

Rural Western states that voted for President Trump are disproportionately affected by the government shutdown, which today sets a record as the longest in U.S. history, since federal workers there make up a large share of the workforce.

The big picture: Out of the 10 states with the most affected federal employees per 10,000, six voted for Trump — Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho and West Virginia.

  • The top 10 states that voted for Hillary Clinton were D.C., Maryland, New Mexico and Virginia.
  • An Axios analysis from September found that Trump states were the ones hit hardest by his tariffs.

In other words, Possum Hollar is once again hurting themselves. Remember, those federal workers without a paycheck are not spending money in their own communities, so there is a down-stream impact. Gomer might not be laid off, but his best customers are.

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7 Responses to The Shut-Show Day 22

  1. Possum Hollar would build a high-powered hydraulic dick punching machine, strap it to their waists and proudly flip the switch to hydraulically punch their own dicks if they thought it would “hurt the people he’s supposed to be hurting.”

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Well, “Mr Businessman” tRumpo had already bankrupted all of his businesses so what was left for a poor rich boy to do but bankrupt the entire USA!
    Not like we weren’t warned.
    It comes to mind that we needed to see his tax papers a couple of years ago.
    Just a sayin

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Down in Possum Hollar, they take a beating without so much as bleating. Instead, they’re pleading, “More, Donald, more!” They take serious hurting, but continue blurting, “Build that Wall!” Punch after punch, they keep on buying his lunch, while they go without.

    Now, I’ve been around for a while, but I can’t recall a more rabid, fanatical fan-base. It’s unfathomable, watching the punishment they’re willing to dish out – internment Kamps for Kids, anyone? Force people to work without any guarantee of a paycheck? Sure, no problem for these folks. Meanwhile, their SNAP benefits will soon dry up, and other Gov’t. assistance programs meant to help them in times of need are curtailed, but much like those old clown toys that were heavily-weighted at the bottom, and would keep rebounding after every punch, this bunch just won’t lay down and say, “Enough!”

    It’s severely masochistic to keep asking for more and more punishment, but since I’m not medically qualified to make a diagnosis, I’ll just have to settle for an educated guess that these folks have a problem, and it’s far more serious than tRump Derangement Syndrome.

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  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    Maybe it’s time for scary caravans of pissed off Americans to flood Washington to remind the damned, dirty Goopers and their Gawd what happened to the Ceaușescus.

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  5. Pyed says:

    Between red tape and long waiting lines, if any of those farmers who were pledged a $12 billion bailout for lost soybean markets have managed to get through the qualifying procedure yet, they now find their checks locked up in the shutdown government. So, there’s more pain in Trumpanzeeland.


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