UPDATED: The Shut-Show: Day 21!

MAGA, you MoFo’s

Woot! Woot! Woot! Comrade Stupid is tied for first place for shutting down the gubmint the longest, and tomorrow he takes the lead! Also, today is the first missed payday, so what was theoretical is now real: 800,000+ are unpaid (the + includes an unknown number of contractors who will never be repaid).  Some 420,000 federal employees  are working without pay, including the FBI, TSA and other federal law enforcement officers. Some staff at the State and Homeland Security departments are also working without pay.

So the advice for garage sales and knitting scarves still stands:

  • Have a garage sale
  • Sell unwanted, larger-ticket items through the newspaper or online
  • Offer to watch children, walk pets, house-sit
  • Turn your hobby into income
  • Become a mystery shopper. Retailers are desperate to check how their in-store customer service is and will employ you to shop and rate their services.

The House as promised passed a series of bills to open up individual departments of the gubmint, and they are dying on amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell’s desk. The Senate passed a stone, er, bill that legislated that shut-out federal employees would receive back pay when this shut-show is over, and it is a pretty safe bet that the House will pass it and it will go to Prznint Stupid. Will he sign it? Who knows!

UPDATE: Crooked Media email thingie raises the point we’ve been making – this is Mitch McConnell’s shut-show as much as Prznint Stupid’s —

House Democrats and eight Republicans voted to reopen the Treasury Department, and other independent agencies on Wednesday. Today, 12 House Republicans crossed the aisle to fund the Transportation Department and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These bills will be transmitted to the Senate, where Mitch McConnell, who is almost single-handedly keeping the government closed, will refuse to hold votes on them. From Jon Favreau: “Forget about Trump. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy could re-open the government today if they wanted. Hold the vote.”

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (Thanks Charlie!) says (emphasis mine):

“Estimates from President Donald Trump’s chief economist peg the cost to the overall U.S. economy at about $1.2 billion for each week the shutdown persists. While that’s just 0.05 percentage points off the GDP growth rate, it could be among the factors complicating the administration’s aspiration of reaching sustained 3 percent growth.”

So if we do the math… $3.6B Ameros so far. Well-done, Comrade!

Not to be out-down, Axios morning email thingie tells us (weird formatting is all theirs):

Shutdown fallout:

  • “White House officials [are considering] diverting emergency aid from storm- and fire-ravaged Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and California to build a border barrier, perhaps under an emergency declaration,” per the N.Y. Times.
  • Cleanups at Superfund sites are suspended around the nation, “deepening the mistrust and resentment of surrounding residents who feel people in power long ago abandoned them.” (AP)
  • “With more federal security screeners refusing to work without pay, Miami International Airport plans to cut off access to one of its terminals over the weekend … to send TSA workers to busier checkpoints.”(Miami Herald)

A reporter asked Prznint Stupid:  “Does the buck stop with you over this shutdown?”

Prznint Stupid:

“The buck stops with everybody.”


UPDATE – From the Crooked Media email thingie:

There is no national emergency. Trump is threatening to abuse provisions of the law granting the president power to declare national emergencies in order to raid Pentagon funds and order the military to build a border wall on seized private land.

Trump and his advisers reportedly assume the judiciary would step in quickly to stop him. At that point he could reopen the government while legal challenges to the emergency declaration, land seizures, and raided funds wound their way through the courts. In other words, he and his advisers are contemplating a gross violation of the Constitution—an impeachable offense—to spare him from the embarrassment of caving in the shutdown fight. Cool administration!

The fact that Trump’s biggest sycophants in Congress are clamoring for Trump to commit this abuse of power is an indication of just how desperate they are for the shutdown to be over (Lindsey Graham’s quote above captures the mood).

The question is whether Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is so craven that he’ll encourage Trump to commit a blatant violation of his oath of office rather than just pass a bill to reopen the government. And we have a feeling the answer to that question is… well, come on.

From Brian: This is all incredibly stupid and dangerous—in part because there’s no guarantee that Trump would ultimately lose the court fight, opening a Pandora’s box that lets Trump and future corrupt presidents rule by fiat. But the fact that this is under consideration at all is another indication that Trump has lost the debate over whether there should be a wall spanning the southern border—and that it’s worth a shutdown to get it done. He knows the only way he’ll get it is to steal it.


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11 Responses to UPDATED: The Shut-Show: Day 21!

  1. Pretty sure that reporter got it wrong “The buck stops with everybody….ELSE!”

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    • Pyed says:

      I’m pretty sure Dtump thought the “buck” in that phrase was money, not responsibility, He was merely reaffirming that no one will be paid.

      What am I saying? Of course, he thought it was about money. Dtump doesn’t know the meaning of “responsibility.”


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    He’s running the country like he ran his businesses, straight into the ground.


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    He’s gonna go ahead and do it. He’s gonna declare an emergency, and try to glom onto those disaster-relief funds. And he must have at least one fan in the Corps of Engineers: “Pssst! Hey, Don – look over here! $13.6 billion, just kinda layin’ around, not doin’ much. Well, yeah, it’s SUPPOSED to go to Puerto Rico and California, with maybe some goin’ to Florida and Texas, but PUERTO RICO? CALIFORNIA? They don’t deserve a dime, do they? And WE could build a YUGE section of Wall in like, no time at all!”

    And what follows is easy-peasy to predict: That action will produce a slew of lawsuits, which will tie it up in the courts for years, but it gives Dumpy an easy out. He can just declare, “Well, I tried my best, I tried EVERYTHING, but when the courts are against you, and the Democrats fight against ANYTHING I try, well, there’s just no way we can win. Until I get more judges that follow the Law, and the will of the people, the great people of this country, who all want the wall, we can’t accomplish ANYTHING!”

    And just like that, the shutdown will end, with no clear winners, but PLENTY of losers.


    • tengrain says:

      Of course that’s the plan. I think everyone everywhere knows that’s the plan. It’s so stupid it might actually work.

      And all that just to save face.



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  4. 9thousandfeet says:

    All this shit just makes Trump’s position stronger. We do get that, don’t we?
    The only way the Dems can stop the suffering and economic damage is to fold and give the asshole his wall play money. They have no other power or leverage. The fact that Trump publicly and proudly “took the mantle” of responsibility for the shutdown just a few short weeks ago is already in the memory hole and doesn’t matter now – it’s not a determining factor in how this plays out. Schumer’s smirking when it happened, with him obviously thinking he’d just coaxed Trump into giving up something the Dems could hammer him with going forward, and that it would matter. But it just shows how badly he still misjudges what’s happening. Pelosi probably has more of a clue, but she’s powerless right now to do anything that’s more than symbolic.

    If/when the suffering and economic damage reaches a point approaching critical mass, and Trump’s instincts about things like that are still very good, he gets to step in as hero by declaring an emergency (“I tried to get it done by dealing with Congress, but the Dems hate me so much they allowed ordinary people to suffer rather than budge, so now I’m forced to take these measures”)
    He then signs funding bills without wall money, the gummint is opened, and the whole mess is punted to the courts for godknows how long.

    Meanwhile, Trump will have a new little toy box full of various enhanced powers, albeit with legally murky breadth of application, that automatically accompany his emergency declaration.
    A box from which he can take out a toy to play and experiment with any time he wants to try pushing at an almost unlimited number of legal boundaries; Posse Comitatus? meh!! that’s so yesterday, y’know? Whaddaya mean I can’t arrest Adam Schiff? Wanna bet? He’s obviously trying to undermine the legal operation of a duly elected government. Go ahead and sue me!
    Let’s see Mueller, or the newly energized House investigative committees, compete for the front page with that kind of shit. (We are, finally, convinced by now that there are no extremes of outrage this motherfucker won’t try, aren’t we? Please let it be true. Again I say, this guy is not Nixon and this is not a repeat of Watergate.)

    I really think this year is going to be scarier than last year, and not just by a little bit. Not least because you know they’re already deep into planning their strategy for replacing RBG, and it will be the ugliest fucking thing we’ve ever seen. She does have a food-taster, right?

    This is a fucking nightmare that’s getting worse by the minute.
    As always, I welcome all and any coherent attempts to talk me down of the ledge, but any narratives which depend for their validity on a traditional political calculus involving the inviolability of the Separation of Powers will be met with a resolute skepticism that I think our current reality (that of a Senate now openly operating as nothing more than a rubber stamp for a reality television huckster and real-estate grifter) fully justifies.

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    • tengrain says:

      9K –

      I think it actually makes his position weaker.

      Power seeks it’s own level, and the Legislative Branch is not going to let Trump take it away from them. They know damn well once it’s gone it won’t come back. Trump grabbing authority from them might be the thing that unites (gawd help me for saying it) Both Sides against him.

      The SCOTUS, even the Originalists—especially the Originalists—are not going to go for this either. This thing will die on their watch.

      But what I think it does do is make it that much more clear that he has to be removed. He’s an existential threat to the Legislative Branch if he tries this, and they will (to quote Hunter Thompson) stomp on him like a rat in a corner.

      I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, it could happen. I think it is unlikely.




      • 9thousandfeet says:

        OK, those are not unreasonable points.

        Though I feel compelled to observe that Mitch has now said that so far as the Senate is concerned, nothing happens without Trump’s prior approval, and that they are “united” behind him.
        He’s basically declared that the primary purpose of the Senate is to fly air cover for Trump’s desires. Desires, let’s remember, that they did not support legislatively when the GOP controlled both legislative chambers, when it would have been a piece of cake to give Trump his play money.

        Is that not a significant step toward already letting Trump have a sizable slice of Congressional power, albeit in the service of poking a finger in Pelosi’s eye?
        How does McConnell get that power back now without a mutiny from Trump’s base (who we know are just loving this hairy-chested “powerful leader” bullshit) causing a schism in the GOP?

        Fascism seldom comes all in one dose, as we have agreed. It comes in a novocaine drip feed until the point of critical mass, then the switch gets flipped, right?

        My concern is that by the time the legislators start to panic and are ready to stomp this rat, they’ll discover it’s not a rat anymore, it somehow grew into a wolverine while they were busy thinking of him as a convenient shield to enact their long-held Ayn Rand wet dreams.
        So they stomp, and when they look down all they have left is a bloody stump.

        As always, I’ll prefer you to be right than me. But these are some dark clouds indeed gathering now.

        Anyway, it’s snowing and cold and time to turn off the ‘puter for a bit and do something healthier. Take another stab at perfecting my baguette recipe, maybe.


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      • tengrain says:

        4 GOP senators have already crossed the aisle on reopening the government. They are not backing McConnell. More than ever this is his shutdown. —TG


    • MDavis says:

      Baguettes. Mmmmm.


  5. HarpoSnarx says:

    It’s time to ask: “Is we gReat again?” Discuss among yourselves . . .

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