Salmonella: It’s What’s For Dinner!

“¡K Pasta, Amoebas!”

The WaPo tells us that the FDA has halted most food inspections due to Prznint Stupid’s gubmint shutdown:

“The furloughing of hundreds of Food and Drug Administration inspectors has sharply reduced inspections of the nation’s food supply — one of the many repercussions of the partial government shutdown that are making Americans potentially less safe. The agency, which oversees 80 percent of the food supply, has suspended all routine inspections of domestic food-processing facilities, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in an interview.

“He is working on a plan to bring inspectors back as early as next week to inspect facilities considered high-risk because they handle sensitive items such as seafood, soft cheese and vegetables, or have a history of problems…. Foodborne illnesses are a major problem in the United States, sickening 48 million people each year and killing 3,000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates.”

The FDA oversees 80% of the country’s food supply. It’s almost a miracle that there has not been an outbreak of some sort, but that’s bound to change, and the stupid shutdown will soon have a body count.

I cannot stress this enough: while this thing is ongoing, you must commit to best food handling practices and be diligent to not cross contaminate anything. Clean your knives between use on different ingredients (all of which have been well washed) and keep your cutting board immaculately clean.

From the darkness, one wag on the twatter spitballed:

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14 Responses to Salmonella: It’s What’s For Dinner!

  1. YellowDog says:

    Caesar salad? He eats iceberg lettuce slathered in some creamy, bottled dressing when he’s at Merde-a-Lardo.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    What could prove to be an even worse problem is the lack of FAA inspections since the shutdown began. Commercial airliners are only being inspected on a “case-by-case basis,” and only after problems, or potential problems are reported by pilots or ground crew. Happy flying!

    And I remember Sam & Ella’s disappointment, when their namesake cafe was not successful, despite having some of the best-tasting food in town.


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Make E. coli Great Again!

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  5. 9thousandfeet says:

    Bad outcomes from the shutdown benefit Trump more than the Dems.
    Eventually, if the Dems don’t fold (which is never a good bet), Trump gets to play hero by declaring an emergency, which he will be “forced” to do by the Dems intransigence, and that will reopen the gummint and punt the outcome of the wall funding to the courts. And there’s a greater than zero chance they’ll back him up, too, in which case it’s all over.

    I have no clue if the people responsible for the ongoing and strident rehabilitation of Pelosi are aware of this or not, but this bullshit about how she’s had a passel of kids and therefore knows how to deal with puerile temper tantrums isn’t going to cut it.
    For one thing, none of her kids are psychopaths who hate brown people and believe their “German blood” renders them superior beings.

    So long as he follows the chapter on emergency declarations in the standard issue fascisti users’ manual, I see no reason for him to lose this shitfight.


    • tengrain says:

      9K –

      I think we’ve left evil mastermind behind and now are in the farce part of the play. Horrible things can still happen (and probably will), however, but I don’t think he has a strategy going at all. This is all just random chaos.




  6. Pyed says:

    The pity of it all is that KFC, not being food, is not liable to give you food poisoning.


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