You Got Fail – UPDATED

Breaking CNN!

NBC News:

“The four broadcast networks and three cable news channels provided Trump with an estimated $17.7 million of airtime, according to Apex Marketing Group, a company that tracks the value of airtime for corporations. The company calculated the value of the Democratic response at $9 million. Trump’s speech was just over nine minutes long while the rebuttal was over four minutes.”

That’s a lot of Ameros to give away, and also the bad will that they will get for being a mouthpiece for Fascist Fapping Fantasies. Stephan Miller is gonna go blind.

My friend at the network told me the numbers, but I’m not sure if they are public yet, so I’m holding out. Let’s just say that there was a huge jump in viewers between when The Russian Usurper stopped and the Democratic response began on all networks… except Fox. (No surprise there: Possum Hollar shut off the teevee machines before they could hear a word from those dirty, filthy hippies Chuck and Nancy).

I don’t know if the drop-off rate was measurable or significant, but the pick-up rate for the Democratic rebuttal is amazing.

I’ll update when my source says the numbers are public.

UPDATE – I just was told I can use the numbers, so here we go:

Post Oval Office ratings 9:15-9:30 which includes Democratic response

MSNBC. +436,000

CNN.  +352,000

Fox News Channel  -357,000

Also note that it was a record night for The Rachel Maddow Show: 4.36 million viewers



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  1. It would be so deeply karmically delicious of PWHG Miller only went color-blind. It’d be SO much harder for him to decide who to hate…

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Faux went down some 357,000 viewers? Isn’t that about tRump’s total base of followers?


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