Sarah Winchester to Comrade Trump: Keep Lying!

Comrad Stupid Signs Papers As Empty As His Head

Hey guys, remember the other day when Prznint Stupid said,

“[The Tortilla Curtain] should have been done by all of the presidents that preceded me and they all know it,” Trump said. “Some of them have told me that we should have done it.”

…and we found flat-out denials from almost all the living presidents (and even a recently departed one); the only holdout, it seemed, was our saintly Jimmy Carter.

Carter has flatly denied that he talked to Comrade Trump and says that he rejects the idea of a wall.

And so we return to wondering if Prznint Joe Isuzu is using the awesome power of the Magic Ouija board at his sleep-overs with his buddies. But then we remember: he has no buddies.

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6 Responses to Sarah Winchester to Comrade Trump: Keep Lying!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Not only no buddies, but no grown-up babysitter, either. Spurious claims used to get moderated at the very least, but now he just spews whatever nonsense enters his pea-brain, and clamors for release via the vocal cords. Or Twitter thumbs. Or whatevs. The man is seriously unbalanced, and if ever there was a time to invoke the 25th Amendment, it’s yesterday. Or last month.
    But I have that sinking feeling that we might have to endure this for the whole, awful, final 2 years.

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  2. Sarah Winchester, in her dotage, had arthritis, and more money than even I can imagine.

    As a result of these factors, she tore out most of the stairwells she used and made them into, for lack of a better term, switchbacks, with step risers of 2 inches, as that was all her knees could handle.

    The Syohilitic Orange Dipshit has a mortifying fear of stairs. And human contact. And sanity. And green vegetables.

    I suggest we stick him in a house with thousands of 2 inch stairs and watch him go full bugfuck. A gibbering, quivering, mass of gelatinous madness. Begging for someone to end his suffering but torture a brown child first because priorities. Send in someone with a Cthulu costume and Ivanka mask to tell him that the E-Russian-Harmony website is down and the train of 13 year old slavic models has been cut off.

    Let’s roll the film, Johnny.

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  3. RayLay says:

    King Butternut believes the “tortilla-curtain” will stop the flood of Cental American mobsters coming to NYC where they’ve been cutting into the Trump/Russian crime syndicate for years. For him it’s always about personal gain, nothing more.

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    • MDavis says:

      Simpler that that, I allege. It’s a construction project that he can get kickbacks from. And stick his name on.


      • tengrain says:

        I definitely believe that the kick-back angle is plausible. Whether or not his name goes on it, it will always be known as the Trump Wall, so that part doesn’t matter.




      • MDavis says:

        Yeah… that is a debate. Will a “man” who insists on gold toilets count the name of the fershlugginer wall as having his name on it? Probably just kickbacks, then.


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