UPDATED Public Disservice Announcement

The Death of the Media

“Buenos snowshoes, amoebas!”

Last night, for a while at least, the MSM was not sure if they were going to give Hair Füror their platforms for his little fireside shat, er, chat. Execs at the networks reportedly deliberated for a few hours, keeping in mind Trump’s record of lies and stunts. CBS said yes, it would air the address (Stephen Colbert tweeted: “My network will be carrying Trump’s Wall speech live. So at 9pm Tuesday, tune into CBS to See B.S.“), and ABC followed within minutes. The Fox broadcast network and PBS, followed, and finally NBC.

(NBC, incidentally is going to give the Democrats time to rebut whatever our Liar-in-Chief says, immediately following; it’s not clear this morning what the other broadcasters have decided.)

CNN, of course gleefully agreed to let the Prznint have access and no doubt is already performing the dark arts and satanic chants they need to exhume Gergen from the crypt for their Powerhouse Panel, and I assume Jeff Zucker is raising their ad rates even as I write this. And I don’t think we even have to guess what Fox New Channel is going to do, but we remember when Malkkkin did her cheerleading number, so it will be something like that.

And so once again, we are back to wondering what the hell is the matter with our Media. Trump never gets a public spanking for spouting his lies. Personally, I would deny him live, unfiltered access to the airwaves, but I don’t run the networks. If my boss forced me to run our Prznint Joe Isuzu live, I would  ensure that there is some sort of live fact-checking and contextualizing his lies, it seems like a unreasonable thing to do.

Some naif on Twitter last night said it really well:

Tonight, the media’s job is to point out when Trump is being disingenuous or dishonest, when he’s making stuff up. But they probably will not because they are afraid of his Tweets.

UPDATE 1: Sorry to blow my own tweet (not really), but an obvious thing occurred to me after I posted this and I twatted it and should have put it here, too/also:

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2 Responses to UPDATED Public Disservice Announcement

  1. Kiwiwriter says:

    I think he’s going to announce that because of the “national emergency,” he’s going to

    Suspend Congress
    Shut down the courts
    Halt all investigations of the Glorious Leader
    Suppress media criticism of the Glorious Leader
    Accomplish all these by declaration of martial law “for the duration of the present crisis.”
    Place all opponents of the government in “protective custody.”
    So when the camera returns to CNN or NBC after the address, it’ll be sets of color bars across, and the only newscasters left will be a couple of Fox analysts, saying that it’s about time that the Glorious Leader took action against his whiny critics.

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  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    As a public service, and out of a sense of kindness, I pass along this nugget of information;
    Stormy Daniels is offering a very reasonable alternative to watching Der Führer’s mendacious gibberish;
    If you’re looking for anything even remotely worth watching tonight at 9pm EST, I will be folding laundry in my underwear for 8 minutes on Instagram live.


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