MPS Public Service Announcement

Scissorheads already know this, so this is only a reminder for everyone else:

So please start to watch it so the networks get a baseline number of viewers before you switch to another channel. They have to know how many people were there at the beginning and see that the numbers drop as Comrade Trump lies to us.

Not turning it on does not help us convince the networks to not do it again.

Thank you!

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11 Responses to MPS Public Service Announcement

  1. Lsamsa says:

    I was just going to ‘not watch’…but yes, now informed I will turn to one of those channels & then turn to another. Tiny little effort…but something.
    Thanks for the info!


  2. Condi says:

    Will switch over to Chinatown 3 minutes after the the president* starts lying…


    • Condi says:

      Had a better offer; ended up watching Story Daniels folding her laundry, live (as it were) in her underwear on Instagram. Didn’t hear one lie.


  3. purplehead says:

    I don’t understand how the networks know you are watching unless you are part of the Neilsen teevee survey. You are just plugged into the electric circuit, right? And not being monitored by creepy intrusive Big Bro. Right?


    • tengrain says:

      Well, it goes like this: you probably have a cable box OR you probably have a smart tv… they know exactly what you are watching and when. Even DVRs tell the cable companies what you recorded… and that data is known to the networks (and let us not forget that Comcast own NBC now).

      The Nielsen Families is a sample and networks do use it (it’s been increased to 45,000 households now!) and detail is extrapolated from that. There is also a Nielsen set top box, but I do not know much about that.

      The networks do a rough calculation and then refine it as more data becomes available, but the point is that they do have the means to see the drop off rate. One of the Scissorheads is at 30 Rock and has confirmed that this is true (it’s much more complicated than I am portraying, but this Scissorhead said I have it essentially right; another Scissorhead used to be a Nielsen executive and says it is accurate enough and to “not sweat” the part I got wrong…)

      Where I got it wrong is in seeing it in real-time: there is a lag but neither of them thought that was significant.

      I hope that helps.



      • purplehead says:

        ah, thanks, TG. I don’t have a teevee, and have never owned one. And hardly ever watch it, since most people I know don’t watch regular teevee. So I’m still back in the pre-cable box era, I guess, when you had a teevee that just plugged into an electrical outlet in the wall. It’s creepy that they know all of this.


      • Bruce388 says:

        How about customers of DirecTV and Dish? As far as DirecTV goes, I’m pretty sure the communication is all one way, from the company to the home, so I don’t see how they would know what I’m watching.


  4. Dennis Cole says:

    I just left the volume off, and listened to a “Talking Heads” mix-tape I put together. I figured that was appropriate. And yes, I believe ALL the cable cos. relay audience interest info directly to the networks. Not sure if they get paid to do so, or if some other arrangement is made, but there’s GOT to be a quid pro quo, no?


    • tengrain says:

      Dennis – Comcast own NBC and AT&T owns CNN; they have the info internally. I have no idea about the satellite stuff, but I do know at some point Fox owned a majority of both services.



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