Day 17 of the Shutdown/Lockout

Rubbed down to a nubbin.

Today makes Comrade Trump’s lockout the second-longest government shutdown in U.S. history. If the lockout goes to Saturday, Prznint Stupid will be the owner of the longest government shutdown ever.


Przninit Stupid sent a letter to the Hill, detailing that it wants $5.7 billion for a “steel barrier.”

“I informed my folks to say that we’ll build a steel barrier. Steel. It’ll be made out of steel. It’ll be less obtrusive, and it’ll be stronger. But it’ll be less obtrusive, stronger, and we’re able to use our great companies to make it, by using steel. … They don’t like concrete, so we’ll give them steel. Steel is fine. Steel is actually — steel is actually more expensive than concrete, but it will look beautiful and it’s very strong. It’s actually stronger.”

Shorter Comrade Prznint Stupid: “The peasants have no bread, so let them eat cake.”

Axios morning email thingie (all the weird formatting and inexplicable bullet point usage is theirs):

  • White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press”: “If we don’t have an agreement — I think by midnight on the 8th, which is Tuesday — then payroll will not go out as originally planned on Friday night.”

The administration is “scrambling to mitigate its effects on Americans expecting to get a tax refund next month, those who rely on federal assistance for their housing, and vulnerable national monuments,” the WashPost reports on A1:

  • HUD “sent letters to 1,500 landlords … as part of a last-minute effort to prevent the eviction of thousands of tenants. A lot of those tenants live in units covered by a HUD program that many agency officials didn’t realize had expired on Jan. 1 and that they are now unable to renew.”

The HUD bit is alarming and inexcusable. The 4th Reich will be responsible for people being kicked out of low-income housing, the waiting lists for housing are long. That will get ugly fast.

Not to be outdone, Tiger Beat on the Potomac BOTH SIDES the hell out of it:

IT BEARS REPEATING … THIS IS A BIT OF A PHONY FIGHT and it is mostly a political problem at the moment, if you ask almost anyone involved. America has a physical barrier in places, and Congress has funded versions of a physical barrier for years. If you put Republicans and Democrats on truth serum and we took a step outside this political vortex we’re in, lawmakers would concede that there are places that a wall-like structure is needed, and other places where technology would suffice. The wall has become a symbol for both parties.

And I think that brings us up to speed with where we are today.

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12 Responses to Day 17 of the Shutdown/Lockout

  1. Kiwiwriter says:

    This is the ultimate Trump tantrum and stiffing of creditors — in this case, the American people and US government workers.

    He won’t end the shutdown. He’s enraged that the American people did not expand his majority in Congress, but in fact, gave it back to the Democrats. He can’t believe they stood up to him.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    I remember reading about this, and found an article at good old C & L. Seems like they were maybe planning on steel all along, and the concrete barrier was just a headfake.

    And there’s this, from the National Review:
    [Instead of a 30-ft, high concrete wall] “What is more accurate is to say that under previously passed legislation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection continues to pay contractors to replace sections of spotty or insufficient fencing with 18-foot-tall bollard walls – tall steel bars with gaps in between them so that Border Patrol officers can see what’s going on on the other side.”
    They even provide a photo of the “artistic” steel panels that CBP is using to replace aging and deteriorating sections:

    It’s quite lovely, isn’t it? Stunning, actually, when you consider the price tag of $24.5 million Ameros per mile. Where I live, 4-lane FREEWAYS get built for less.


  3. 9thousandfeet says:

    If the Dems don’t fold in a way that allows Trump to declare a victory, he either has to double down or back down. His lifelong strategy has always been to double down.
    Doubling down means he has to take his lovely emergency declaration strategy for a spin. There really isn’t any other alternative.
    That could tie the whole shitstorm up in the courts for who knows how long, and would allow the gummint to be funded while Der Fuhrer deflects all blame for the outcome onto the SCOTUS.
    Or praise for the outcome, depending on how that judicial frog hops.

    My quatloos are on this being the way it plays out. I don’t see any other way he can get himself out of the corner he so enthusiastically painted himself into.
    If the Dems don’t fold, that is.

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    • tengrain says:

      My quatloos are next to yours on the come line, 9K.

      I don’t think Pelosi will fold, but I will put down a side bet that Schumer will.



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  4. FELINE MAMA says:

    Ya know Comrade Stupid, If you weren’t soooo redundant, you could’ve eliminated 2 or three sentences. “It’ll be less obtrusive, stronger; rinse, repeat…” “steel is very strong, actually stronger.” I didn’t get it , why is steel good??
    Except for the big boy word, “obtrusive” he owns this tweet.


  5. roket says:

    How, um, WHITE of him. Changing the amount he’s requested from $5B to $5.7B because the Democrats prefer a beautiful very strong and less obtrusive steel wall which is more expensive. I had no idea that’s how Democrats felt. I believe we have a very fluid situation here. The Idiot in Chief is drawing lines in the sand during a sandstorm. No matter what happens, this won’t end well.

    [Tengrain was here!]

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    • roket says:

      Sorry. I guess html code is advancing beyond my capabilities. Eek.


    • Kiwiwriter says:

      Tomorrow night the Glorious Leader addresses the nation from the Oval Office…first time he’s done so in his entire term…about the shutdown.

      I’ll bet you that he’s not just going to whine about the wall and declare a “State of Emergency” to get it built, he’s going to deal with EVERYTHING in one speech…end the investigations…shut down Congress…suspend civil liberties…impose authoritarian rule…but only for the “duration of the present crisis.”

      It’s not a matter of not KNOWING the Constitution…it’s that he simply doesn’t care, and would much rather have a country like those of his buddies — Kim Jong Un’s North Korea, Putin’s Russia, and Hitler’s Germany.

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  6. rsginsf says:

    So let’s see here.
    Ever since Trump put 25% tariffs on steel, I’m pretty sure how that works is that US steel companies are charging about 24% more for their steel now, right?
    So: not only is steel more expensive than concrete, it’s now 24% more expensive-expensive than it would have been before Herr OrangeBlossom caused the Tariffs To Flow?
    And he’s asking for 2% more ($100M on $5.6B) to build a wall that first of all is going to be more expensive (by far) than concrete, but also 24% more expensive than that?
    Is there anybody left in the WH that knows how to do math? (Or maybe I’m mis-remembering my 5th-grade maths)?

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  7. osirisopto says:

    Please forgive, TG.

    Shorter MHSG “OMFG! Holding my breath ’till I turned blue didn’t work. Maybe if I threaten to drop this hammer on my toe…”


  8. Bruce388 says:

    What are the odds FatNixon is talking about Russian steel?

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      B388 –
      If you read my post above, and follow the links, you’ll discern where to bet your Quatloos.



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