Comrade Stupid Introduces Republican Party Plank

The South Rose Again With Hair Führer
(Hat tip: Scissorhead Kilwer via Twitter)

Comrade Stupid released a new 2020 Goat Rodeo ad Saturday on CNN. I will NOT post it, but here’s the gist of it:

“Drugs, terrorists, violent criminals and child traffickers trying to enter our country — but Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer care more about the radical left than keeping us safe. The consequences? Drug deaths. Violent murder. Gang violence. We must not allow it…”

First off, I was kinda shocked that CNN would air it (and I wonder who approved it), but then I remember Jeff Zucker is an amoral asshole and if the bank check cleared, well that’s all that mattered.

Twitter was wondering who paid for it, but it seemed clear that it was a campaign ad (Comrade Stupid brays at the end of it that he approved this message), so it was not paid for by We The People.

But he gave us a gift.

He’s now officially made the the shutdown part of the 2020 narrative. As The Russian Usurper is the head of the Republican Party, locking out Federal Employees is now the official position of the GOP, not just of Comrade Stupid.

Every Democratic candidate needs to ask his/her Republican opposition candidate for their non-ambiguous position on shutting down the government to build a monument to xenophobia and racism, and have their response on the record. They cannot run away from this.

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7 Responses to Comrade Stupid Introduces Republican Party Plank

  1. Kiwiwriter says:

    That photograph above says everything about Trump and his supporters…they both want to bring down the country by committing treason.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Ah but asking them how they feel is just another occasion to lie. If the Orange Hitler wins, they were all ‘on board’, if he loses, it’s “we really weren’t for it”. Plausible deniability.
    Just amazing for a country of immigrants.
    This B/S is really starting to make me angry.
    “Walls don’t Work”


  3. MDavis says:

    Okay, let’s parse this:
    Drugs leads to Drug deaths.
    Terrorists to Violent murder.
    Violent criminals to Gang violence.
    Child traffickers… what, to competition?

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  4. osirisopto says:

    The one trick pony rides again.


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