UPDATED: Shutdown, Day 14

The Wall

Axios tells us:

“Following a meeting with congressional leaders at the White House, President Trump confirmed to reporters that he said he would be willing to keep the government shut down for “a very long period of time, months or even years.”


“The state of play: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there is no way the government would reopen before Tuesday, since members would need to be in town to vote. The Senate has already adjourned and the House is out of session for the weekend. It’s the 14th day of the shutdown.”

Amply be-chinned Mitch is running cover. He can call them back for a vote in a heart beat, but he won’t.

UPDATE 1: Axios, again –

President Trump confirmed an ABC News scoop during a press conference Friday afternoon, telling reporters he has considered declaring a national emergency in order to get funding for the border wall.

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11 Responses to UPDATED: Shutdown, Day 14

  1. Kiwiwriter says:

    This is Trump’s standard practice brought to its ultimate extreme:

    Stiffing his creditors.

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  2. roket says:

    So he doesn’t care about unemployment numbers after all? Shocking.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    The very same legislation that the Senate passed overwhelmingly (98 – 1) about 3 weeks ago is a key component of the laws being crafted in the House, where it will also pass with a healthy, but not veto-busting majority. But Yertle McTurtle is refusing to even bring it up for a vote, knowing that it will pass again, but likely be vetoed by Preznit Stupidpants.

    “Let’s not waste time on something we know he won’t sign,” Mitch grumbles. Why the hell not? Let’s bring it to a vote, and see if we still have a veto-proof majority in the Senate. Doing so might convince Rethuglicon holdouts in the House to reverse their positions, and appease the folks back home.

    Because remaining bonded to the Tangerine Tantrum Man-baby is going to backfire on them badly. Those same Folks Back Home likely know someone who is in the position of losing everything – house, job, health insurance, etc., etc., and are smart enough to know it’s NOT the Dim’s fault, when this thing drags on long enough to actually, factually resemble Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, AND the Handmaid’s Tale.

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  4. AuroraS says:

    It was always inevitable that Cheeto Benito would eventually hold the country hostage with his own emotional dramas. This is about his pride and his brand. Look at all the monuments he’s built to himself across the world with his stupid, tacky hotels and buildings. The “MAGA” swag was specifically designed to stand out in a crowd, so anyone sporting his brand could be identified. He’s been perfectly willing to bullshit his way through anything to get praise and adoration, but winning (WINNING!) the presidency was about getting worldwide fame and a stage, and this wall is for slapping the Trump brand on the surface of the globe. I’m sure he was initially envisioning a structure like the Great Wall of China that could be seen from space. If he thought he’d be able to swing getting large gold letters that said “TRUMP: MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” across the damn thing, he’d do it in a heartbeat. Why is he so insistent on having a wall, and why do the reasons and manner of funding for which keep shifting with the winds? Why is he making a huge show of squeezing a “deal” out of the Democrats that by all accounts, makes NO sense? It’s about the show. It’s about marking his territory.

    The worst fate imaginable for Trump would be damnatio memoriae. One of the most debilitating, powerful, and effective moves against Trump would be for Twitter to permaban his account. No more MSM hanging on every tweet and reaction to his tweets. It would throw the news cycle into complete disarray. They’d actually have to report on (some) issues! THE HORROR! Does Twitter have the balls? Absofuckinglutely not.

    Since this is about the show for Trump, and we certainly have to have a way within our other two branches of government to circumvent and kneecap a stupid narcissist with illusions of grandeur that undermine the republic, I believe there is hope. He’ll have his fans that are forever glued, but in personal and business relationships, guys like him can’t really keep anyone meaningful in their orbit (depending on how willing they are to put up with his bullshit) for more than a couple years without pissing them off or tossing them aside as unwilling to bend over backwards enough. So the Republicans may have the Senate, but they won’t get anything passed because they are outnumbered by both the elders and a bunch of pissed-off freshmen in the House of NOPE that are Fucking Done With Mitch’s Bullshit. And they were put there, by the will of the people, specifically because Fuck That Shit, We’re Done.

    Trump’s doubling down is a sign of desperation; don’t discount the possibility that he could turn on Ol’ Turtleneck for not stopping Pelosi hard enough.

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    • Jim says:

      This is good. I think the large Orange Turd is fixated on the Wall because of the two things he can focus on in his shriveled addled brain: 1) his hatred of brown foreigners and 2) building things. Sure, he’s really terrible and tasteless at building things and has wasted an enormous amount of his late Dad’s fortune and Putin’s buddies money but he thinks he’s good at building shit anyway. So, yeah, I think you’ve nailed him about the freaking Wall.


  5. 9thousandfeet says:

    I’m pretty sure I predicted that we’d reach the point where Der Führer began threatening to declare a national emergency. I thought it most likely that the trigger might be something to do with election results rather than this bullshit wall thing.
    But that’s where he is now, doubling and trebling down on the threat to keep the govt shutdown going in perpetuity if necessary, and openly saying he’s thinking about declaring an emergency, complete with “military” style eminent domain seizures if necessary. Pence is saying the same “no wall, no deal” thing.

    No way in hell Trump can climb down from this now, so I think we have to assume he’s ready to go the Constitutional crisis mattresses over this. He has roughly a little over 40% of the electorate egging him on, too.

    Not sure whether I’m willing to put my quatloos on the Dems not caving, to be honest. I’d like to, and if they do cave it will be disastrous in the extreme, but their track record since they embraced Slick Willie’s triangulation bullshit has been sufficiently awful to make me nervous.


  6. Scottie says:

    What gets me is while the NPS is closed down everywhere else, it is still operating at his DC hotel. WTF. Someone died in one of the parks and it was not discovered for a week due to rangers being furloughed, yet his hotel still has its attraction for guests? Hugs


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