Goodbye, Good Riddance 2018

For me, this video sums up Hair Füror and 2018 perfectly:

To sum up our year, I’m still completely speechless, other than to say thank you for sharing my primal scream.

I had no idea when we started this little blog, 12+ years ago, what it would become. I am so glad to have found you all, my little, invisible friends. The outraged howl of indignation from good Scissorheads when the pandering and pontificating poltroons step dans la merde is what makes you The Internet’s Band of Incorrigible Spitballers™, and is what keeps me marginally sane.

I STILL have great hope —believe it or not— that standing shoulder to shoulder we will get through this mango-hued shitshow together. I think if any of us had known that Chimpy’s Reign of Error was training wheels for the The Russian Usurper Comrade Stupid’s Fourth Reich, we would have laughed. So when we find ourselves exhausted, slack-jawed, and pointing at the outrage du jour, and we think we cannot go on another step, look to your friends here at the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper and know that you are not alone.

Or paraphrasing amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell or one of his henchmooks: And yet, we’ve persisted.

And so, from the tip of my nose to the bottoms of my toes, I thank you for another memorable year. I will toast to our good health tonight, and to our comrades-in-arms no longer with us, gone to spitball in the great beyond, or offline. I know, I know, I’m doing it again, but it really is the perfect song for us, Scissorheads:

If you’re with me /
Next year will be /
the perfect year

The struggle is real, and the fight continues tomorrow.

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24 Responses to Goodbye, Good Riddance 2018

  1. purplehead says:

    Well, I’ve said it before, or some simulacrum of such, I bet I speak for many that these years of Stench, Xrime, Bots, Fools and Dolts and Cretins, Motherfuckers, Shitheads, Dirtbags, Preverts, Grifters and Conmen, Rogues, Sons-of-Bitches, Religio-Fascists, Polecats, Evil and Villainy, Felons and Mobsters and Extreme Corruption, Twits, Traitors, Shamelessness, Vulgarity, Odium, Endless Scandal, and ALL the Maledicts of the Yiddish Language…would have been, and would be, truly painful without Tengrain and MPS and hilarious Scissorheads to soften extreme distress with biting humour.

    There. In one sentence. But I know I missed some taint.

    Happy New Year full of kindness and wit to all.

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  2. donnah says:

    Tengrain, you are a treasure and I’m so glad I found this zany, wonderful place. Scissorheads are the best peoples and I always feel like I’m part of a group who understands how I feel. This is a great place.

    Happy New Year to all! Best wishes for 2019!


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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Here’s to you comrade spitballer. You brought this “collection” together and You, keep us going. Thank you for I can’t say how many years now, of relief from day to day bullshit. Always a joy to stop by, never know who or what I’ll find but it ‘will’ lead to cleaning the screen after I spray my morning coffee, again.
    Happiest of New Year’s to you and the ‘crew’.
    We lived thru Chimpy, and for me, even Nixon! We’ll get thru lumpy here too by the heavens

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  4. Mac from Oregon says:

    Thanks for all you do, I may not contribute alot but I do appreciate your efforts on the behalf of sanity.
    Peace and a much better year to us all

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  5. moeman says:

    TG, you’ve made this one of the happiest, funnest (is too a word) and coolest web places to check out, be seen, heard and laughed with.

    May you, yours and all Scissorheads have a happy, fun, cool and full of LOLs 2019!


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    • Bruce388 says:

      “Funnest.” Reminds me of a woman I dated briefly years ago. I suggested getting some Chinese and taking it back to my townhouse. No, she said it would be “more funner” to eat at the restaurant. And so we did.

      As I explained to my future best man, it’s “fun,” “more funner,” “most funnest.” I’m a stickler for good grammar, not that it shows here.

      Oh, and Happy New Year to the other MPS posters, and next year Will Be Better.

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  6. another kiwi says:

    MPS is a bit of an oasis, ya know. Keep on keeping on TG

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  7. Alison Redford says:

    All the very best and the Happiest of New Years to all here. Thanks for everything!


  8. Virginia says:

    TG, love you always and all the spitters. You have helped keep me sane as well. Long may you wave, and spit those balls.


  9. Happier New Year to all and may all our most vicious wishes come true! 😉


  10. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Happy New Year, old chum. Thanks for keeping this hangout jumping. I sure hope that the Democratic House keeps Vulgarmort on edge with investigations.

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  11. Art says:

    May we all, every man jack (and jackette) of us, hang tough and never let the bastards get us down.

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  12. Osirisopto says:

    Happy new year to everyone.

    I’m working to create a new reality for myself and my family. It’s working. It’s putting me in 3D space more.

    So I offer this newly discovered tune…


    • Karla says:

      I love Betty Who — my daughter and her roommate are super-fans — traveling to her shows, etc.
      Anyway, to all the scissorheads who help keep me sane — I hope we all have a wonderful 2019.


    • Redhand says:

      Thanks for the intro to Betty!


  13. Redhand says:

    I still consider myself a newbie here but am very happy to have this place to vent. 2018 was a helluva year. The absolute nadir for me was the Helsinki Summit, where Trump showed his treason be kissing Putin’s ass in public.

    Let’s hope our voices join a rising chorus that finally forces this traitor, this Quisling, this lawbreaker, this monster from the highest office in the Land, and into court for his countless crimes.

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  14. Dennis Cole says:

    TG – words alone cannot express how much I’ve enjoyed your blog, and all the various spitballers I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with, but since they’re all I have, that’s what I’ll use. There’s a special place in my heart for each and every one of you, and as Another Kiwi said, this site IS a bit of an oasis – an oasis of lunacy fer sure, but it’s a form of lunacy that causes no suffering, unless you wanna count my awful puns.
    So here’s to wishing & hoping for a year that is bound to be better than the last. It can’t possibly get much worse, now can it? (Famous last words.)


  15. I’ll add my voice to the chorus of thanks to you, TG! This is an oasis of sanity in a world gone mad. Proud to be a spitballer!

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  16. roket says:

    My favorite part about this website is that I can never tell if TG has a hangover.

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  17. Ten Bears says:

    But, but, but … the new year started like Ten days ago! Ah well: Yule!

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  18. I am coming in late but coming in hot, to echo all the sentiments expressed above. This place, along with others of note like Pierce, LGM, Professional Left, among others, keep us sane and fighting. It’s like the blogs during Dubya’s interregnum, giving us platforms of sanity and resistance. And it seems to be paying off! Trump is deep into the Nixon end-days, wandering the Residence alone, incoherently tweeting at the pictures on the wall. His administration is at half-staff (like his peener) and there is nobody to even man his jizz-mop. The Democrats are taking over the House on Thursday and Mueller will continue to indict and arrest his toadies and flunkies. Life is going to get worse and worser for him, and we will come here to dance on his rage-tantrumps with glee and viciousness. Thanks for all you do TG, we love you!

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  19. ming says:

    Happy New Year ‘Grain and thanks for the place to hang out with like minded souls.


  20. ADDENDUM: also thanks for being zombie-friendly.


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