Throwing Everything at the Wall and Seeing What Sticks: The Shut Down Day 7

Prznint Stupid tests wall prototypes.

“Do the Dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are Democrats?”

Prznint Stupid seemingly suggested that the issue of stiffing federal workers during the shutdown HE built doesn’t matter because, you know, they’re playing for Team Pelosi.

Those of you with a memory greater than a goldfish may remember:

“But many of those workers have said to me, and communicated: stay out until you get the funding for the wall. These federal workers want the wall.”

So only Democrats are not getting paid AND they want to remain out of work until the wall gets built. Oooo-kay… He’s really throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. (See what I did there?)

Anyway, the gubmint is here to offer some advice to those Team Blue who are on furlough:

“The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) suggested furloughed workers could offer partial payments to mortgage lenders and posted on its website form letters they could use.

“I am a Federal employee who has recently been furloughed due to a lack of funding of my agency,” said one of three templates offered by the agency. “Because of this, my income has been severely cut and I am unable to pay the entire cost of my mortgage, along with my other expenses.”

“In a Twitter post, OPM said idled workers should contact personal attorneys if they needed advice on dealing with creditors.”

Helpful advice! I’m surprised Trump didn’t put up an 800 number to the prestigious law firm of Dewy, Screwem, and Howe (a wholly owned Trump subsidiary).

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6 Responses to Throwing Everything at the Wall and Seeing What Sticks: The Shut Down Day 7

  1. mjg says:

    The only thing that’s going to stick to the wall is his undetrwear.


  2. On the home page of my credit union right now:

    “Federal Employees: Vantage West may be able to provide temporary loan repayment options if you’re experiencing financial difficulties due to the government shutdown. Call 855-751-7003 to learn more.”

    Shit be real, rent and mortgage payments tend to be due at the beginning of the month.

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  3. Condi says:

    I mentioned earlier the Federal pay for period 27 –due today– appeared to be held up; that remains to be seen as Direct Deposit sometimes does not show up until the day afterward.

    The more important date is January 11th – if Congress has not reconvened and forwarded the unanimous Senate bill guaranteeing back pay for all furloughed Feds on the President*’s drool laden desk before that date, the shit will then officially hit the fan.

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  4. roket says:

    Now would be a good time for the rapture. The one where the Orange Shit Gibbon gets left behind.


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