The Jon Swift Round-Up Is Available Now! #jonswift2018

The blogger at work: Presses enter, then spots the typo!

[I feel remiss that this post got lost in the shuffle of the holidays, and so I’m putting it on top, fresher posts below. You really should go to Batocchio’s and read through the links, this is a stellar round-up. Tell him I sent you! Rgds, TG]

You guys, our pal Batocchio at the essential blog Vagabond Scholar, has the annual Jon Swift Round-up (2018 Edition, “The Best Posts of the Year, Chosen by the Bloggers Themselves”) posted, and you should check it out! Every year I find new voices, blogs to bookmark, and of course consider for when I have the honor of doing the Crooks and Liars morning round-up. The Swift round-up really is a Best-of-the-Web tradition.

Every year, Batocchio and cohorts do the yeoman work of pulling this thing together, and while I’m sure it is a labor of love, it is most definitely labor.

Thank-you, Batocchio, you are Aces with us!

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4 Responses to The Jon Swift Round-Up Is Available Now! #jonswift2018

  1. Skinny Deennis says:

    Pardon me, just testing my login, cache wiped.


  2. Skinny Dennis says:

    Phooey, blew that above attempt.


  3. As always it’s an honor having my blog as part of the Jon Swift Round-Up.

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  4. batocchio says:

    Thanks for participating and for spreading the word!


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