Cadet Bone Spurs Went To Iraq, And All We Got Was Stupid

So this happened:

So what’s the problem, ‘Grain?, you ask. It was just Prznint Stupid lying and self-aggrandizing per usual, you say. Even the White House (allegedly) said it was better late than never to send him to see some troops in a war zone, right? And the stock market loved him being out of the country and in a dangerous part of the world.

OK, here’s the thing. It’s not just the MAGA hats, nor the campaigning that broke precedent and protocol, but in his Tweet, Cadet Bone Spurs revealed the identities of  Navy SEAL team 5, showing their faces, which is a violation of operational security and could endanger the troops:

“Operational security is the most important aspect of personnel deployments. The real names, faces, and identities, of personnel involved in special operations or activities, are usually a closely held secret in a combat zone,” Nance said. “Revealing them casually, through an unusual media exposure even if it’s the commander in chief, would prove a propaganda boom if any of this personnel are detained by a hostile government or captured by a terrorist group. There would be no denying who you are and what you do.”

I’m sure that there are special teams in every war zone, but identifying them and sending out their pictures is really stupid. This team is now marked and you can bet that each member is a prize (“Collect the Whole Set!”). Expect news that they are going to be re-deployed elsewhere.

Nothing good will come from it, but Commander Bunnypants felt good for 20 minutes, so there’s that.

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7 Responses to Cadet Bone Spurs Went To Iraq, And All We Got Was Stupid

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Just to be on the safe side, all the troops who either came in contact with their CiC, or were in the general vicinity, were ordered to empty their sidearms of any ammunition, and there were to be ZERO “hot” weapons in the area. But the majority acted like they were pleased to be there, and the ones who got to shake his hand actually seemed to enjoy it. Go figure.

    I hope they checked to see if their watches & wallets were still intact and in place afterward.

    (And I was J/K about the “no ammo” order.)


  2. roket says:

    There were no adults in the room?? In two short years, we have truly become a Banana Republic. I suspect the members of the team will now be relegated to desk jobs at the Pentagon.

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    • David H Lippman says:

      We already ARE a Banana Republic.

      I expect that the 2020 election will be canked, as the Glorious Leader will say there is no need: he can be re-elected by popular acclamation.

      The Founding Fathers must be barfing in their graves at how their experiment in government has failed. It’s all in the hands of oligarchs like Trump, lobby groups like the NRA, the military-industrial complex, foreign powers and their computer bots, and large businesses.


  3. Pyed says:

    We need a new rule (sorry Bill Maher) and we’ve needed it since Darth Cheney broke the cover of Valerie Plame. Any politician who knowingly, or unknowingly, outs an American agent or covert warrior working in the field must replace him in the field, immediately.

    Like, in this case, the whole Trump family and the Trump cabinet must replace SEAL Team 5 before New Year’s Eve.

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    • MDavis says:

      The problem with re-deploying she who should not have been named is that such agents cultivate contacts. If the re deployment includes automatically finding VISAs for all of the contacts endangered by the politicians actions and possible relocation through that program that makes up new lives for people. And all initial expenses should be charged to the accounts of the politician(s) responsible.
      Just my opinion.

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  4. Redhand says:

    Gawd Almighty! Don’t they have any security protocol peeps there to warn this asshole about such things? Or is it that he just does it anyway because a good photo op is more important?



  5. w3ski4me says:

    So presinit nitwit goes to Iraq? I wonder who got him up for that, after all he lost all his advisors?
    It’s not like “he” suddenly cared or remembered his duty after all. I presume it was because a rally at home would have really looked bad right now and the troops are a captive ‘cheering’ audience no matter what. I am sad for the troops that a visit from the “nitwit in chief” is a big deal, I am Sad for America that he pretends to be our “leader”.
    I can only hope and believe that he and his cronies, will eventually do jail time.

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