Bad Advice, Cont.

Let Jeebus Give You A Hand
(Hat tip: Scissorhead Bruce388)

Scissorhead Bruce388 reminds us that we have a friend in Jeebus. A really good friend…

Actually, he says that this was one of the Russian Troll Farms 2016 Goat Rodeo, uh, attempt to divide an conquer.

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12 Responses to Bad Advice, Cont.

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    As the song goes – God is watching us.
    Luckily it’s From A Distance.


  2. Jim says:

    Very Russian in a sick kind of way.


  3. wait. if you are beat ing it, you only need one hand, right? So you can still hold hands with Gawd in the other. It’s like the god-botherers can’t even count.

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  4. completely OT, but I am watching the movie version of Hair. Treat Williams is awesome, but it also is a debut for Ellen Foley singing the borderline racist “Black Boys”….


  5. paul fredine says:

    don’t all hot lines cost $2.99 a minute?


  6. Pyed says:

    Damn you Tengrain, I laughed so hard I bust something in my diaphragm (not THAT kind of diaphragm, pay attention) and everybody sitting near me is giving me the hairy eyeball and edging away.


  7. David H Lippman says:

    As Apu says in that “Simpsons” gag about the sex phone hotline: “This is not as exciting a sexy hotline as I was hoping for….”

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