‘We Three Kings of Mediocrity Are…’

Won’t happen again

“…log-rolling our bloviating near and a-far.”

Mike ‘Payola’ Allen’s Axios morning email thingie includes David ‘BoBo’ Brooks‘ praise for Andrew ‘Toy Tory’ Sullivan:

If you get a little time to yourself, N.Y. Times columnist David Brooks distills some of the year’s best long-form essays in Part 1 of his annual Sidney Awards

Brooks says Andrew Sullivan’s work for New York magazine this year “really defined the era”:

  • “His two masterpieces are ‘The Poison We Pick,’ on the opioid crisis, and ‘America’s New Religions,’ on political fundamentalism.”
  • “If you want to understand America in 2018, those essays are a good place to start.”

I’m not a renowned Brooksologist (Hat tip to Driftglass and Yastreblyansky), but there is something so meta to me about Mike Allen tongue bathing David Brooks who is tongue bathing Andrew Sullivan. Conventional Wisdom or human centipede?

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5 Responses to ‘We Three Kings of Mediocrity Are…’

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    That ‘poison we pick’ trope is particularly… uhhh… poisonous- a lot of opioid users got hooked because they got hurt. They didn’t choose to be addicts, bad luck, usually a bad job, and bad medical care landed them in their predicament.

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  2. moeman says:

    A both-siderist daisychain (davidchain?).

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  3. Jim says:

    Drifty and Yas pretty much own the franchise on Bobo and Yas also regularly dismantles His Excellency, Cardinal Ross Douthat as well. Always worth a visit.


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