♬ It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chaos 🎶 — Updated

This asshole again

With wall-to-wall negative coverage of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ departure painting President Stupid in a bad light, he had someone You’re Fired’ed Mattis (because Comrade Trump is a spineless coward and has other people do his bagwork for him), and moved Patrick Shanahan [Ed – a former Boeing SVP, who essentially is Commander Bunnypants’ personal military shopper] to become acting defense secretary on Jan. 1.

The WaPo tells us…

“Advisers said he stewed over commentary hailing Mattis as heroic — a human guardrail against the president’s impulses. Trump was so angry with Mattis that on Sunday morning he directed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to inform the defense secretary that he was being pulled from office two months early, according to a senior administration official.”

CNN tells us the bitter irony:

“A US defense official confirmed to CNN that “the execute order for Syria has been signed,” while a second defense official told CNN that outgoing Defense Secretary James Mattis signed it.”

Comrade Prznint really knows how to humiliate people.

At a minimum 2019 will begin with a partial government shutdown,
fragile markets, and job openings and no qualified candidates at:

  • the White House
  • the Pentagon
  • the Justice Department
  • the United Nations
  • the Interior Department

Comrade Stupid’s national security team continued to disintegrate over the weekend, as Brett McGurk, the administration’s senior envoy to the global coalition fighting Islamic State, quit over the president’s abrupt decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria.

(Acting) White House Chief of Staff Mick ‘The Knife’ Mulvaney signaled that Prznint McDeals is willing to accept less money than he’s been demanding for the Tortilla Curtain.

Additionally, living typo Steve Mnunchin, while vacationing at Cabo San Lucus startled financial analysts, bankers and economists by issuing an unusual statement declaring that the nation’s six largest banks had ample credit to extend to American businesses and households:

Today I convened individual calls with the CEOs of the nation’s six largest banks. See attached statement. pic.twitter.com/YzuSamMyeT

CNBC’s Steve Liesman:

“It’s the kind of thing issued in a crisis. Seems as likely to create panic as to calm it.”

Mnunchin also tried to squash reports Trump has discussed whether he could fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell. So we got that working for us, too. Also.

Best. Infrastructure. Week. Ever.

(Housekeeping note: probably like everyone else, posting is gonna be lite today, and less filling. — TG)

UPDATE 1: Dow’s wild ride continues after Steven Mnuchin fails to calm markets

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9 Responses to ♬ It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chaos 🎶 — Updated

  1. YellowDog says:

    Perhaps when the Republicans start losing big in the stock market they will do something besides curl up in a ball and hope the Democrats make everything better. Of course, with Shanahan at Defense, that something might be buying Boeing stock.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    And Mnuchin did all that while on vacation………..in MEXICO! The very country we’re insulting, with our hopes of building a big, beautiful wall to keep out the rapists, drug-dealers & gang-bangers they keep sending us.
    Eiron is doing the splits, from so much laughing & farting.

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  3. Mnuchin is trying to communicate with his boss, and is stupid so he forgot that everyone can see what he said, as well….or else he is so stupid that he doesn’t realize that the “REMAIN CALM! ALL IS WELL!” message is not a good look in a crisis….

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  4. roket says:

    Republicans own this one lock stock and barrel. Merry Christmas Possum Holler.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    It’s ALWAYS gonna be the Dim’s fault, every time they refuse to cave in to Hair Furor’s silly demands. Have they finally discovered they have spines, as well as testicles & chesticles?

    Just like a glass coffin – remains to be seen…

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  6. Ed says:

    This is a nothing burger.


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