Retail’s Super Saturday – Be Kind, Peeps!

Take the kids shopping to your local mom & pop stores.
(Hat tip: Scissorhead Willis)

Today is the second busiest retail day of the year, in the trade known as Super Saturday. The WaPo has a story up that I hope reminds us to be kind to store clerks: “We are the workers tasked with saving retail — for $9.50 an hour.”

“With the wave of closings this year, from Sears to Lord & Taylor, we had to step up our customer service. Do you need another size? We’ll bring it to you. Want it in petite? We’ll hunt it down at another store, and it will be shipped to you, free of charge. You need a ‘smoking hot’ dress for your ex’s wedding? Challenge accepted.”

Try getting that kind of customer service from Amazon. If you do go shopping today (and I feel sorry for you if you do), all the usual advice applies: please favor your local Mom and Pop stores with your business. The money you spend stays in your community and acts as a multiplier, and keeping small business on your town’s main street is a great, good thing.



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3 Responses to Retail’s Super Saturday – Be Kind, Peeps!

  1. my shopping is done. I do, however, have to finish up a couple of drawings for Young Zombie, so today (and tomorrow, if necessary) will be committed to that. We are laying low for family obligations this year, but while Wife Sublime is visiting an in-law on Tuesday, I have a plumbing promise for the holiday to complete.

    Happy Holidays, Scissor-Tribe….

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  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Happy holidays, old chum!

    It’s the last day our gift shop is open. A couple of days ago, some nasty old lady got verbally abusive to our angelic assistant retail manager, at one point even throwing a scarf at her and trying to touch her hands. When she couldn’t get the assistant manager to lose her cool, the old harridan said, “I see I can’t rattle you, I envy your composure.”

    I wasn’t there, but I told my coworkers to start recording when someone treats them abusively- tell them that you will record them, then start. Most people will get the hint, if they don’t, then call the police and show them the evidence of the disturbance of the peace.

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  3. Bruce388 says:

    A Happy Solstice to the Scissorheads!

    Did some shopping at the supermarket, including wine, and that’s it. Brunch with the neighbors Monday, then a Chinese buffet on Christmas with more neighbors.

    This Arizona weather is brutal. May have to close the windows later.


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