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Hey guys, remember Brian Kolfage, the guy behind the strangely viral attempt to crowd fund $5B Ameros to give to Comrade Grifter to build his stupid Tortilla Curtain? It seems you guys in the comments were right! He’s as shady as a common Trump!

“Kolfage has been involved in Facebook networks linking to fake news sites before. In October, the social media company banned a network of other Facebook pages connected to his fake news site Right Wing News for “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

“Since then, Kolfage appears to have coordinated with two blue badge-verified Facebook pages — Conservative Post and American Joe — and is using them in place of the removed pages to promote Right Wing News and now to promote his wall fundraising campaign.

“About four days after Facebook removed the network of pages that funneled traffic to Right Wing News, the Conservative Post Facebook page (which has over 1.6 million page likes) began sporadically sharing links to Right Wing News’ website, at the time found at rwnofficial.com. Before that, Conservative Post almost exclusively shared links to conservativepost.com.

“Toward the end of November, Conservative Post and American Joe (which has over 916,000 page likes) began frequently linking to the domain rightwing.news, a website also titled Right Wing News, which shares a Google Analytics code with Kolfage’s website rwnofficial.com. (Website administrators use Google Analytics codes to track analyzable data and metrics for their sites; sites that share this code are associated with the same web administrator.)”




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  1. YellowDog says:

    As grifter are won’t to do, there will no doubt be multiple fees and commissions charged against whatever the rubes pledge to give. And it would not surprise be if there are many pledges that can be traced back to Kolfage—seed money.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Let me see if I have this right:
    Thousands and thousands of members of the TEA party and like-minded individuals, who are opposed to paying taxes, are VOLUNTARILY sending in donations for the stupid Wall?

    And did no one tell them that while it’s perfectly fine to send in donations, the money goes to the US Treasury, since the gov’t. cannot accept publicly-donated funds that are given for an express purpose. Nope, those $$$ go directly into the General Fund, which helps pay for operating expenses. So they’re funding the very gov’t. they want to DE-FUND.

    And as for the promise of returning every last cent, should his funding program fail to achieve its intent? Who is paying for the admin(s), and for the database of donors, and for postage or whatever, when it comes to refunding the money? Think they’re keeping track of all that?

    The Goddess of Irony is farting up a storm

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    • YellowDog says:

      Individual-1 received about 63 million votes in 2016. If they are the pool of likely donors, each would have to donate about $500 to reach the 30 billion dollars the wall has been (conservatively) estimated to cost. Currently, donations are averaging about $61. At least we know the price of stupidity and xenophobia. Step it up sheeple!

      Kolfage cites a billionaire who gave money for repairs to repair the Washington Monument as an example of how this would work. He fails to mention that the money went to a nonprofit trust for the National Mall. Nothing associated with Individual-1 or his coterie of grifters is ever nonprofit.

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      • tengrain says:

        YellowDog – Excellent points, I had forgotten about the Washington Monument. As I recall the GOP Congress passed legislation that repair money had to come as donations from the public sector because they really hate anything governmental working, but it set up the precedent of soliciting funds.




    • MDavis says:

      “…did no one tell them that while it’s perfectly fine to send in donations, the money goes to the US Treasury… ” I presume that you mean ‘if they were actually going to legitimately push the wall with these funds.’ But…
      I don’t expect any of these funds to end up anywhere near the US Treasury. When they don’t reach their goal they will have their pet accountants explain how all the donations got eaten up by overhead and tuck those documents away for emergencies. (they probably already have them, with the variable numbers marked ‘<< Add Grift Money Here”. Even now they are probably working on their Excuse Number 1 – somehow the Democrats ruined the whole idea by… (whatever their first act is when they open for business in January)
      And when it is all over with, the IRS will get nothing because all the money was ‘gifts’, even though by the time it has all evaporated into various pockets it will have gone through different identities, like ‘salary’ and ‘wages’. Also, the IRS is severely underfunded, still, so these jerks will avoid audit by simply not filing anything. It’ll make too much effort to track them down, considering the number of agents that they can continue to pay.

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