General Mattis Out, General Chaos In

Stable Genius Prznint Stupid
(Credit: @MemphisJohnny1)

In his strongly worded two-page resignation letter (read it here), Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis rebuked Comrade Prznint Stupid for his military policies and lack of respect for allies.

Mattis’ departure sent “shock waves” through Washington, as a government shutdown looms, the stock market plunges, and America’s alliances grow more strained.

Comrade Stupid’s BAE  Vlad Putin is thrilled about Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. Maybe the bromance can be saved?

Now, while the Grifter-in-Chief had you looking at the left walnut shell, what was he doing with the one on the right?

So, you know, Whitaker can begin scrapping the Mueller probe while everyone is eggnogging, before handing Barr a crippled investigation to kill off next year.

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6 Responses to General Mattis Out, General Chaos In

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Fresh Newz!!!

    While Gen. “Mad-dog” may be on his way out, his replacement is already being briefed. That’s right, folks, you read it here first!

    “According to a White House official who wants to remain anonymous, General Confusion has reportedly been seen in several locations in the White House, making his way from one Dep’t. to the next, getting acquainted with various Cabinet heads, accompanied by his aide-de-camp, Major Disaster.”

    Private Partz, who is the General’s driver, declined to comment on how his boss took the newz this morning, that he was a shoo-in as the next appointee.

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  2. MDavis says:

    I thought Mattis was supposed to hang in there until February.


    • Dennis Cole says:

      Yes, he’s supposed to, but given Hair Furor’s temperament, and his proclivity for temper-tantrums, there’s no telling when he’ll leave. And if the problem of filling the CoS’s shoes is any indication, the search for a suitable applicant supplicant may take longer than that.

      We are witnessing firsthand the downfalling (iz too a werd!) of this house of cards, along with all the cardsharps, grifters, conmen and various other assorted miscreants and ne’er-do-wells.

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    • tengrain says:



  3. RayLay says:

    Perhaps now the top brass will overthrow King Butternut via a military coup since he’s beginning to take away their ability to earn the very top merit badges. I’m piling up my throwing stones, and damn all my sins!


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