Starve the Poors, Cont. UPDATED

Merry Christmas, Possum Hollar!

Axios email thingie:

Breaking: “The Trump administration unveiled a plan [today] to force hundreds of thousands more Americans to hold jobs if they want to keep receiving food stamps, pursuing through executive powers what it could not achieve in Congress,” the WashPost reports.

  • “The country’s food assistance program … already requires most adults without dependents to work if they collect food stamps for more than three months in a three-year period. But USDA regulations allow states to waive the requirement.”
  • “The USDA is now proposing that states could waive the requirement only in areas where unemployment is above 7 percent.” The current national rate: 3.7%.

A demand for food stamps during a time of nearly complete employment is a big tell. I’m told that the aristocrats in France never suspected a thing until the Horror actually began.

UPDATE 1: That old commie rag Fortune has a heartbreaking feature up on the death of the middle class.

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4 Responses to Starve the Poors, Cont. UPDATED

  1. ming says:

    Let’s eat Mnuchin first. We can then move on to Goldman Sachs, the rest of wall street, and congress in no particular order.


  2. 3.7% unemployment, my ass. The way they determent unemployment stats is a Fng joke.

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  3. Determine. I’m coffee deprived.


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