Where Did The Russians Learn That?

The South Rose Again With Hair Führer
(Hat tip: Scissorhead Kilwer via Twitter)

For decades, Russians have used racist propaganda to try to divide us. For the 2016 Goat Rodeo, they used Facebook and Instagram to help elect Hair Füror, and it was particularly easy when they made their messages essentially race-based.

LATimes tells us:

More than 30 million Facebook and Instagram users shared propaganda messages generated as part of a campaign by Russia’s Internet Research Agency to polarize and misinform voters, according to the reports commissioned by the committee. The activities of Russian operatives and their crafting of messages in which they often posed as minority activists have been known for some time, but the new reports reveal extensive additional detail about how that operation spread such threads of misinformation far and wide.

“The most prolific IRA efforts on Facebook and Instagram specifically targeted Black American communities and appear to have been focused on developed Black audiences and recruiting Black Americans as assets,” said one of the reports, commissioned by the committee from the research firm New Knowledge. “The IRA exploited the trust of their page audiences to develop human assets, at least some of whom were not aware of the role they played. The tactic was substantially more pronounced on Black-targeted accounts.”

The release of the reports opens a new chapter in the investigation on Capitol Hill into Russian election interference, sparking anger among Democrats and civil rights activists who noted that the Russian focus on alienating black voters ran parallel to Trump campaign efforts to do the same. The reports, while offering no evidence of collusion, gave Democrats and federal prosecutors fresh fodder for their investigations into the possibility that the Russians and people close to Trump cooperated.

So Russia created a wedge to divide Americans, targeting black voters to discourage them from voting. Where could they have learned that, hmmm?

Sounds like the Russians and the Republicans are really aligned on their tactics and values, but who taught whom? It’s a chicken and egg thing, I guess.

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2 Responses to Where Did The Russians Learn That?

  1. Condi says:

    It’s no contest; the ReThugs have been dog-whistling forever, going back to the dismantling of the Jim Crow laws in the ’50s. They’ve just been more overt about it since Atwater’s famous ’81 confessional.

    I’m just surprised it took the KGB/FSB so long to weaponize our apartheid against us.


  2. roket says:

    Judging by their behavior, the entire republican party is a Russian asset.


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