No Wonder No One Attended Prznint Stupid’s Inauguration…

The Russian Usurper hates, Hates, HATES this photo showing how unpopular he is. Please do not use the photo. Let’s wipe out this photo from history. Be sure to tell everyone not to use this photo.
Putin thanks you.

…they all were broke from bribing him with bribes (ALLEGEDLY)!


“President Donald Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee is currently being investigated by federal prosecutors in New York for possible financial abuses related to the more than $100 million in donations raised for his inauguration, according to sources familiar with the matter…

“Citing conversations with people familiar with the investigation, which is being handled by the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan, the Journal reported that prosecutors are also looking into whether the committee accepted donations from individuals looking to gain influence in or access to the new administration.

“The newspaper notes that “giving money in exchange for political favors” is illegal, as is misuse of any donated funds. The committee was registered as a nonprofit.”

Not to be outdone by CNN –

Wall Street Journal: “Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating whether President Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee misspent some of the record $107 million it raised.”

N.Y. Times: “[Federal prosecutors are examining] whether people from Middle Eastern nations — including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — used straw donors to disguise their donations [to Trump’s inaugural committee and a pro-Trump super PAC]”.

I do recall reading that the person in charge of the inauguration was a friend of Mel’s, and some huge portion of the Ameros raised was both never spent and went unaccountably missing.

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9 Responses to No Wonder No One Attended Prznint Stupid’s Inauguration…

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    (Scratching my head,) “giving money in exchange for political favors” is illegal, as is misuse of any donated funds.” And here I thought our ENTIRE political campaign contribution system was built on this premise. And the process quaintly known as “lobbying” is nothing more than legal bribery.
    I need to stop thinking about this, before my head ‘splodes.


  2. Yes, as I recall people have always thought the whole inauguration thing was hinky.

    He held almost no events, they were all done on the cheap and sparsely attended; but I think everyone just thought it was the committee managers lining their and their friends pockets paying too much for stuff. A common grift instead of a foreign money laundering scheme.

    I just always assumed that the way foreign powers bought access to trump was through Trump Inc itself.

    I still maintain that Trump’s panic started Nov 8th 2016 when it finally sank in that he had won and all his and his crew’s orchestrated schemes to monetize losing the election had vanished.

    They’ve been winging it ever since.

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  3. roket says:

    Pay to Play by a republican??? Omergawd


  4. w3ski4me says:

    So much Criminality, in a little over 2 years? To be fair, we need an office full of Special Prosecutors to handle all the crime.
    Maybe restart Nuremberg? We need a Big Court for his Big Crimes.


  5. donnah says:

    I wish someone would paper his bedroom walls with the two photos comparing his inauguration vs Obama’s.

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  6. retiredeng says:

    Trump’s inauguration was the biggest ever alright. Biggest fraud!

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  7. laura says:

    Jeezus krist, they were business people, not politicians. They were just running government like a business, so it’s all good.


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