Breaking: “Acting” Chief of Staff Named!

Adult Day Care Attendant John Kelly

Let’s see…

  1. Comrade Stupid You’re Fired’ed his chief of staff.
  2. Grifting, glabrous Pence Poolboy Nick Ayers turned it down
  3. Noted Freedom Caucus dim bulb Mark Meadows publicly humiliated and prostrated himself for the job, before turning it down
  4. The Russian Usurper’s Fratsputin and son-in-law Jared Kushner maybe was/not applying for it
  5. Corey Lewandowski was rumored to be up for the job
  6. David Bossie was also-also rumored to be up for the job
  7. Christ Christie turned it down

…and the winner is: Mick Mulvaney, who is currently the OMB Director and busy killing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so what the heck, why not give him sumpin’ else to do!

All those people knocking down the door to become his next stooge.

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8 Responses to Breaking: “Acting” Chief of Staff Named!

  1. ming says:

    Chris Christie turned him down. Think about that.


  2. osirisopto says:

    I win! I win!

    My ticket says “Obsequious Toad”.

    What’s my prize?

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  3. The one requirement for the job, is he has to wear a red shirt every day.

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  4. Jim says:

    Mick will fuck this job guaranteed because he wil try to move his own agenda. Fail.


  5. paul fredine says:

    well, seeing as how he’s off to celebrate the holidays like every good ‘christian’….yelling ‘merry christmas’ every time he tees off…he had to find someone who maybe possibly isn’t currently under investigation to take the fall if it all goes to shit.

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