Stable Genius Reveals Secret Negotiating Plan With China: Kidnapping

Our Stable Genius

Last week, Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Chinese tech behemoth Huawei was arrested in Canada, at the request of the United States. The reason was that Huawei has been circumventing US sanctions on Iran, and this was a way to punish them. Per The NYTimes:

“The Trump administration is planning a series of actions this week targeting China’s trade, cyber, and economic policies, bringing together the work of a handful of federal agencies as part of a longer-term strategy to keep pressure on Beijing, according to senior administration officials. . . . The action was coordinated by Robert Lighthizer, the United States trade representative, and several other administration officials, who have grown frustrated with Beijing’s vague promises to make sweeping changes to its treatment of American intellectual property and technology transfer, and as-yet unfulfilled commitments to substantially increase purchases of American goods.

As Comrade Stupid has demonstrated many times, there is nothing he cannot eff-up. Prznint Stupid told Reuters that he would consider intervening in the Meng case if he thought it would get him a better trade deal. In other words, “You’ve got a nice Meng, hate for anything to happen to her.”

Also, too, by making Canada his bagman, Prznint Stupid damaged not only whatever relationship Canada has with China, he’s made our relationship with Canada poorer by throwing them under the bus:

“After days of angry protests from Chinese officials over the arrest in Canada of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou — and explanations from Canadian and U.S. officials that this was not a political stunt, just a matter of legal process — Trump upended the conversation Tuesday when he said that the criminal case against the daughter of one of China’s wealthiest tech billionaires could become a bargaining chip in trade war negotiations.”

Jeebus, he’s insane.

I can hardly wait for China to show us that anything Prznint Tariffman can do, they can do better. So which American CEO do you think that they will kidnap? Or maybe they’ll just go straight for Ivanka? That would work.



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9 Responses to Stable Genius Reveals Secret Negotiating Plan With China: Kidnapping

  1. Scottie says:

    According to the reports I have heard, they went after a former Canadian diplomatic official and a Canadian businessman. So it has started. My question is about tRump claiming he could step in and stop a criminal prosecution? When did the courts suddenly have to ignore the laws of the land to do the bidding of the dictator want to be? Has he been granted powers of a third world dictator and I missed the news? Hugs


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    I still fail to understand how US sanctions carry the weight of International Law. Are we, or are we not the biggest, baddest-ass bully on the planet? Don’t fuck with Murica, motherfuckers. And how we got Canada involved, with relations already so frosty the Molson’s stays cold all day, is also beyond my ken.

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    • Scottie says:

      Hello Dennis. What the sanctions do is close off the US banking / financial agencies to any company doing business with Iran. Now here is the rub, in the past the US had other countries to agree and help enforce the sanctions, so these other countries also closed their banks / financial institutions to those companies. This time though, we are alone. Other countries have even past laws making it easier for any company violating the sanctions to get banking / financial assistance bypassing the US systems. The only companies hurt are the US companies who do not get the special favor. The EU, UK, and many powerful countries around the world are not supporting the US in this. That is why our government needed to snatch a high ranking official of a company doing business with Iran so tRump could make an example of them. How this differs from when China or North Korea arrest our people on bogus charges and try them in kangaroo courts and then use them to get concessions out of the US I do not know. I do know this makes us look like a country that is not run by laws, but the whim of a dictator. Hugs

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  3. This strategery has John Bolton’s mustache hairs all over it. That fucker wants his war boner and he doesn’t care who dies for it. Trump is stupid enough to fall for it being a ‘negotiating ploy’ ; hey it’s a mob tactic after all, he’s used to that shit.

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  4. roket says:

    What could possibly go wrong?


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