Updated! The Adventures of Ajit Pai, Verizon Employee of the Month!

Ladies and Germs, give it up for props comic Ajit Pai!


“The Justice Department is investigating whether crimes were committed when potentially millions of people’s identities were posted to the FCC’s website without their permission, falsely attributing to them opinions about net neutrality rules, BuzzFeed News has learned…

“The rule enjoyed broad public support, according to multiple polls, and required a period of public comment before Pai’s change could go into effect. More than 20 million comments have since appeared on the site, with the New York Attorney General’s office estimating that up to 9.5 million of those were filed in people’s names without their consent.”

Wow! I wonder if FCC chairman Ajit Pai might know sumpin’ about how nearly half of all the public comments were fake when he proposed overturning Net Neutrality rules. Maybe in his enthusiasm to get the preferred Employee of the Moth parking spot, ol Ajit might have, um, bent some rules?

“As part of the New York Attorney General’s previously announced investigation, the agency in October issued subpoenas to 14 organizations — 11 of which are either politically conservative or related to the telecommunications industry and opposed net neutrality, and three of which supported it. The offices of the attorneys general of both Massachusetts and Washington, DC, are supporting the New York investigation, and also issued subpoenas. Their participation has not been previously reported.”

Really, the FCC hired professional rat-effers? Seems like it should be straight forward to find out what the FCC, a public entity, did! Let’s file a Freedom of Information Act and find out!

“Earlier this week, the FCC issued a decision on two Freedom of Information requests, filed by BuzzFeed News and the New York Times. In it, the commission voted not to release the records that the news organizations had requested: data from web-server logs that could shed additional light on the suspicious comments.”

Weird, innit, that the rule that IPs wanted overturned, could end up having so many comments provided by real people who did not make comments.

I mean, it would be wrong and paranoid to suggest the the IPs themselves, who know all their users’ identities, might have committed identity theft to buy themselves the rule that they wanted, wouldn’t it?

UPDATE 1: From the Reliable Sources email thingie –

 –> FLASHBACK: Last year, we tracked down a man whose mother’s identity was used to submit a comment against net neutrality — after she had died…

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7 Responses to Updated! The Adventures of Ajit Pai, Verizon Employee of the Month!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    The corruption is SO rampant that I’m not even surprised anymore, even by a revelation such as this. I have become inured to the point of being almost calloused, and occasionally depressed to the point of despair, knowing there’s nothing I can do about it. Even VOTING didn’t seem to help, although a “do-over” is looking more and more likely in NC.

    Maybe it’s time to take to the streets, like they’re doing in France. Post a few guillotines on Pennsylvania Ave., and outside the Rayburn Bldg. Gives us the edge we need, to combat these fucker’s greed.

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    • diane says:

      Absolutely. I want to see heads on pikes after the guillotine.

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    • MDavis says:

      If the vote is corrupted there isn’t much left but revolution. I think it is even in the founding documents.
      This is probably why Obama’s reaction to the 2016 vote was to push for confidence in our electoral system. Info on Russian election hacking, vote results changing, exit polls not matching the results again (first time was in the 2000 elections) and Obama calls for us to trust this dog’s breakfast.

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  2. Infidel753 says:

    No rat is being left uneffed around here, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t put it beyond the IPs at all to have facilitated this. If so, it was a stupid move, though. The truth was bound to come out. And people who see comments in their names that they didn’t make will be pretty mad about it.

    Net neutrality is hugely popular across the whole voting public. If the abuses of the health insurance industry have made people open enough to change that “Medicare for all” is now a mainstream position that mainstream Democrats can support, the exposure of how Pai and the IPs conspired to destroy net neutrality could well make publicly-funded internet part of the Democratic platform in a couple of years. The bad guys may find that in the course of all their rat-effing, they’ve screwed the pooch as well.

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  3. I can see we are gonna need a “Punchable Face” rating chart…..


  4. roket says:

    Rules were made to be broken…..by republicans only. Democrats do not apply.


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