NRA + Trump 2016

Hey guys, Mother Jones tells us that the NRA and Comrade Trump’s 2016 Goat Rodeo Campaign probably coordinated their ad buys by using the same consultants to buy TV ads on the same stations and at the same times authorized by the same person.

“One element of Red Eagle’s work for the NRA involved purchasing a slate of 52 ad slots on WVEC, the ABC affiliate in Norfolk, Virginia, in late October 2016. The ads targeted adults aged 35 to 64 and aired on local news programs and syndicated shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. In paperwork filed with the Federal Communications Commission, Red Eagle described them as “anti-Hillary” and “pro-Trump.”

“The Trump campaign pursued a strikingly similar advertising strategy. Shortly after the Red Eagle purchase, as Election Day loomed, it bought 33 ads on the same station, set to air during the same week. The ads, which the campaign purchased through a firm called American Media & Advocacy Group (AMAG), were aimed at precisely the same demographic as the NRA spots, and often ran during the same shows, bombarding Norfolk viewers with complementary messages.

“The two purchases may have looked coincidental; Red Eagle and AMAG appear at first glance to be separate firms. But each is closely connected to a major conservative media-consulting firm called National Media Research, Planning and Placement. In fact, the three outfits are so intertwined that both the NRA’s and the Trump campaign’s ad buys were authorized by the same person: National Media’s chief financial officer, Jon Ferrell.”

And that is illegal coordination, if true?

“This is very strong evidence, if not proof, of illegal coordination,” said Larry Noble, a former general counsel for the Federal Election Commission. “This is the heat of the general election, and the same person is acting as an agent for the NRA and the Trump campaign.”




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5 Responses to NRA + Trump 2016

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    What’s the diff between “strong evidence” and “proof?” When I asked this of a couple of attorney friends, their reaction was “Huh?”
    Maybe what’s needed here is “absolutely, incontrovertibly indisputable evidence.” You know those crafty lawyers and their “legal-speak”; they need a smoking gun AND a cadaver. (I would be happy to provide both, if I only could.

    But I’m certain Mr. Mueller knows all about this, and I hope we find out what else he knows – soon.

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  2. roket says:

    Should make for a very interesting congressional committee hearing.


  3. purplehead says:

    meh. Won’t make no difference. Seems that tDumphth is more teflonny (yes, it is) than Ronny R.


  4. Kiwiwriter says:

    A match made in hell.


  5. Jim says:

    The NRA received something likke 33 million from Russia during the 2016 goat rodeo explicittly to support the Trump cmpaign. This is plainly illegal on multiple levels. A big part of Trump’s problems was that he was so cheap; we know his long history of stiffing contractors. But that just complemented his long history of associating with the mafia (Russian and Italian) to get squeeze deals and grifts. His campaign was a shambolic mess as we all know and he has been reaping the consequences ever since.

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