Fox News-Trump Merger Continues!

Prznint Boob-Tube with another UN Ambassador candidate he found on the teevee

Hey guys, Prznint Boob-Tube has decided to have a former Fox News Reader Heather Nauert replace Nikki Haley as the ambassador to the United Nations.

“Laugh at me, will you,” Prznint Stupid didn’t say to the UN, “My revenge will take a long while and be really stuuuuupid.”

“In terms of what we normally look for at the United Nations, her resume is very thin.”

–Crypt Keeper David Gergen on CNN

Let’s see what Gergen meant and look at her skills: 1) Good on the electronic teevee machine. B) See 1.

Nauert will have to be approved by the Senate, but when has that ever stopped an unqualified ninny? See Betsy ‘Special Ed’ Devos. I rest my case.

Nauert worked with noted sex crime cover-up expert Bill Shine for years at Fox. Shine now is in charge of communications at the WH, where his skills as a cover-up expert are (ALLEGEDLY) not being use. Nauert’s appointment is yet another example of the merger between Fox and the White House.

UPDATE 1: I forgot to mention this – Nauert was once on the Curvy Couch as a back-up Petunia on Comrade Stupid’s favorite morning cartoon show Petunia and Pals. Anyone feel any better?

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11 Responses to Fox News-Trump Merger Continues!

  1. Buck Up! He could have nominated Laura Ingraham or Jeanine Pirro.

    Oh wait…they need someone to replace Nauert at State…

    10: HEAD -> DESK
    20: GOTO 10

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  2. donnah says:

    I’d like Trump to get DoublStuft.

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  3. roket says:

    Tis the day The Onion died.


    • Dennis Cole says:

      The Onion is currently suing Trump Inc., claiming “unfair competition resulting in significant loss of revenue, due to this administration’s penchant for producing headlines that are even more bizarre than anything we could concoct.”

      [Tengrain was here!]

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Whoops. What did I do wrong?


    • Karla says:

      You have to use both sides of the pointy brackets. To turn on bold, use < b > (without the spaces between the b and the brackets). Then to turn off bold, use < /b > (again without the spaces).

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    • MDavis says:

      Your point was made, though. Sometimes I just use asterisks on each side for emphasis and then some commenting programs make a format change for me. Surprise!

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  5. Kiwiwriter says:

    Hey, she’s clearly a bubble-head cheerleader turned beauty contest winner turned Fox talking head, and she probably has a lot of expertise in “foreign affairs” and being a “mouthpiece,” so I’m sure she’ll take what Trump spouts and spit it out at the UN, disgusting everybody.

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  6. Sir Nigel says:



  7. Osiris Opto says:

    Will she have a glass desk?


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