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Karma Punched A Nazi

Milo Yippiyappipapaya

We note a disturbance in the Farce: Milo Yippiyappipapaya has an unsurmountable debt ($2M Ameros since his pimp, er, the Mercers cut him off and want their money back!) and no means left to grift himself back to prosperity.

“I’ve had a miserable year or two, banned and de-platformed and censored and blacklisted,” Yiannopoulos wrote in his Patreon profile. He asked patrons to help fund a weekly late-night TV talk show, and to help him “pay essential staff and service providers.” The Guardian reported earlier this week that Yiannopoulos was $2 million in debt, a number Yiannopoulos later claimed was actually “at least” $4 million in a flippant Instagram post.

So he took to Patreon for a full-on NPR-style fundraising with pledge levels and coffee mugs:

Notice that those donations are per month! Must be a helluva ringtone for $750 Ameros/mo.

As humiliating as that must have been for the young homocon (not my term, but his), Patreon kicked him off in a single day because they consider him and his “movement” to be hate-based is sort of like the cherry on top:


We have no idea where Milo will turn up next, but I bet you do! For 0.02% of 1/15 of a point towards your midterm grade, tell the class what Milo can do to pay back the Mercers, or what items he should have offered his subscribers at which price tier!

AP has an inspiring story for Milo, for instance.

(And keep it clean, this is a family blog. Oh, who am I kidding.)

In the comments, #2 lead pencils only.

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12 Responses to Pop Quiz!

  1. Kiwiwriter says:

    He could go to “Hatreon,” the fund-raising site for junior Fascists. Or set up a lemonade stand in a street.

    Or he could do what he’s basically been doing since he discovered that he had a three-ring circus in his pants: pimp himself out to older men.

    He could also sell a range of “Milo sex toys.”

    It just amazes me that at age 33, he’s still doing the “overheated sarcastic teenager” act. He’s too old for that stupidity.

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    • tengrain says:

      Kiwi- my bad eyesight and poor aim clicked the vote down button, when I was trying for Vote Up.

      My regrets!



  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Giving blojos to hobos at the depot.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Attorney General or the Supreme Court


  4. Zentropy says:

    He can set up a gofukme account at gofukme.com, the site for republicans with cognitive dissonance. Their “shit-in-one-hand” option will do wonders.

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  5. Osiris Opto says:

    He’ll be squatting in an SRO before St. Patricks day.

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  6. Back in the day, Mrs Desertrat worked in a relatively disreputable part of the west side in NYC*. on her walk to her office from the subway stop she passed a corner where there would be hookers out trolling for business at 9AM. She swears each one had their pimp standing on the opposite corner watching their one hooker.

    That’s where his future lies…daytime street corner hooker. Maybe it’ll be Roger Stone standing on the opposite corner.

    *Ironically, the industry she worked in was commercial real estate, her boss knew and L-O-A-T-H-E-D DJT even then.

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  7. Buttemilk Sky says:

    Crime scene cleanup at Saudi consulates.

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  8. Kent Fossgreen says:

    Not sure, but his new Harry Potter cosplay look must have something to do with it.

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    • “Harry Putzhead and the Solicitor of His Stones”
      “Harry Putzhead and the Chamber of Nazis”
      “Harry Putzhead and the Prisoner of Debt”
      “Harry Putzhead and the Goblet of It Feels Like Fire When I Pee”
      “Harry Putzhead and the Order of Poutrage”
      “Harry Putzhead and the Half-Assed Provocateur”
      “Harry Putzhead and the Dork Hallows”

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  9. moeman says:

    Suck their Kochs?

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  10. H-Bob says:

    Can’t we pool up $750 a month to give Elizabeth Warrent a membership in the Inner Circle ?


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