To Offset the Coming Recession?

Stable Genius Prznint Stupid
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Buzzfeed: The Trump Administration Is Considering Making People Pay For The Right To Apply For Asylum

The proposal, included in a not-yet-finalized draft regulation, would charge applicants, if they are already residing in the US, $50 to apply for asylum. Currently, there is no fee to enter an “affirmative asylum” application. The fee would not apply to those who claim a fear of persecution at ports of entry or those who apply for the protections while in deportation proceedings. There would be no waiver of the fee for those who cannot afford to pay the $50.

You can almost see Comrade Stupid counting on his short fingers and tiny toes (which he has not seen since the Reagan Years, but I’m only guessing) what the profit would be, last year nearly 100,000 people applied with US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The idea that the US would charge to apply for asylum outraged immigration attorneys.

“The reason we don’t charge for asylum applications is intuitive,” said Juan Camilo Mendez Guzman, an immigration attorney with Pangea Legal Services. “Even if it keeps one person from being able to apply, is that what we are about? We are going to put a dollar amount on not getting sent back to a place of persecution? It’s crazy.”

Crazy is what Comrade Stupid does, Juan.

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12 Responses to To Offset the Coming Recession?

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Next: All immigrants seeking asylum must pass an English Proficiency Test within one year of applying. Cost: $100 Ameros. NO exemptions. Pass, or go back home. NO refunds.

    Following that, there will be the recitation of the Loyalty to America Oath, during a solemn ceremony. Dress will be semi-formal, NO exceptions. Cost: $100 Ameros, NO exemptions. (Cake & punch will be provided at no extra charge. Saluting the flag will be mandatory, also.)


  2. Feline Mama says:

    Actually it is more than crazy, It’s disgustingly, downright evil. That is, also too, the Asshole in Chief.

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  3. donnah says:

    It’s always about money with these assholes. Always.

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  4. moeman says:

    What about ‘fear of persecution’ after you’ve entered?


  5. roket says:

    Meanwhile, the fee for pardons will remain clandestine.

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  6. Kiwiwriter says:

    800 points the Dow Jones fell yesterday. The Gropenfuehrer is lucky it’s closed today for the funeral of a real leader…

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  7. w3ski4me says:

    It is always about the money with this asswipe. Just like the profit he makes off of his golf trips. This guy is primarily a profiteer and will never be a “leader” as in President. How sad for all of the rest of us.

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  8. Redhand says:

    I’m an immigration lawyer and, yes, this is both absurd and an outrage. $50? W.T.F.?

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  9. we should charge our elected officials $1000 per tweet…..

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